Lapo Elkann hit the Sundance Film Festival Saturday to preview “Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story,” a documentary that chronicles the history of the legendary Italian football club that has been owned by his family, the Agnellis, since 1923. He appears in the documentary as himself.

“I would say that Juventus is a myth not only in Italy, because it’s the most loved team in Italy, but also around the world. And it has been in my family since birth,” Elkann said.

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He was approached to get involved with the project four years ago by producer and director Marco La Villa and his brother Mauro. “Everything happened at Bar Pitti in New York,” Elkann recalled. He was at Pitti with owner, Giovanni Tognozzi, who is a big Juventus fan, and the artist Marco Perego. “We were eating a plate of spaghetti and I could see the sparkle in the eyes of the two La Villas when they were speaking about Juventus,” he continued.

The filmmakers still have some work to get done before the film is completely finished.

“It’s lucky timing that we’re here tonight, but we’ll be back in the editing room [in New York] on Tuesday morning,” Marco La Villa said.

Elkann said they plan to reveal even more of the film in Los Angeles next month, as well as the name of the actor who will play its narrator. If all goes according to plan, they hope to screen it at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Elkann, who also owns a stake in Italia Independent, was accompanied by his sister Ginevra Elkann, who herself owns a film distribution company, Good Film, and was gratified to have made time to attend the festival this year.

“I have three reasons to be happy at Sundance. My friend Marco Perego has an animated short (“Me + Her”), my sister presented a film she produced, “White Shadows,” and “Black and White Stripes.” This movie is not only a story about football. It’s a story on family, a legendary team, and a legacy,” he said.

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