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Toro, Toro: Carolina Jr.’s Wedding Plans * The Love Train: Nicole, Jude & Lenny

Carolina Herrera Jr., the beautiful and talented daughter of Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera of New York, just finished her documentary, “Maletilla,” which she has been filming in Spain and Mexico for five years. The film has been shown in Sevilla and Mexico to great success.

This story first appeared in the November 19, 2003 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

“Maletilla” is the story of Spain’s would-be bullfighters, boys as young as 12 from small villages and the countryside, who aspire to something better than their lives at home. Many of them show early promise going to bullfighting school, where they learn to fight with wooden bulls, and going from village to village practicing for what they hope will be dazzling careers. They are well aware of the terrible dangers of the sport but still they pursue it with tenacity. And love.

Carolina was lucky enough to have chosen three gifted kids to follow through the years who are now promising enough to make the cover of Paris Match.

But the big news is Carolina’s engagement to handsome, dashing, romantic Miguel Báez, known as “Litri” (the dandy), whose family, himself included, have been bullfighters for five generations. Litri retired at age 30 at the top of his career, he now owns a famous bull ranch near Caceres where he and Carolina will live, as well as in Madrid and Sevilla, after their June wedding. The Herreras and the bridegroom’s grand Spanish family recently met in Spain to announce the engagement. It is my pleasure to report that all concerned are encantados y mas.

You can expect a lot of news on the Nicole Kidman, Lenny Kravitz and Jude Law fronts in the next couple of weeks — whether you want it or not. Jude has arrived in New York with his girlfriend and “Alfie” costar, Sienna Miller. The relationship is cooking, maybe even boiling. On their last night in London, Sienna introduced Jude to her stepmother, Kelly Hoppen, at a cast-wrap party. Kelly has been quoted as saying “Sienna is head over heels and Jude is wonderful with her.” Meanwhile, Sienna claims she is being run ragged with the movie’s shooting schedule. The girl who changes “Alfie” from Casanova to a Romeo says, “I’ve lost weight and my boobs have gone, they’re just clinging on for dear life. I used to have boobs, honestly I did. I went to put on a bra this morning and now I don’t need one.” One either finds such candor endearing or nauseating. Isn’t Sienna telling us a bit more than we really care to know? She and Jude will be at the Mahwish & Shamera clothing and jewelry boutique in the East Village, where she will undergo costume fittings and film key shots for the movie. Spare us her chest measurements.

Nicole has been waiting for them to get here. She has been upset at the rumors that she broke up Jude’s marriage to Sadie Frost and she wanted to wait until he was in New York to publicly embrace Kravitz. At the moment, she is planning to throw a holiday party for her friends in mid-December and some say she might — that’s might — announce their engagement. Even if she doesn’t, it will still make a strong statement about what’s going on between them. She’s planning to invite Jude and Sienna to her party and that’s sure to send the gossip reeling all over again.

Jerry Hall, 47, is dating Benedict Allen, 43, a well-known explorer who makes European television travelogues. He is a man’s man and has actually been called “rugged.” A friend of Hall’s says, “He’s well spoken, has a posh background, is hunky and has some wonderful scars on his body.” Mercy.

In one of his shows, he undergoes ritual beatings for six weeks as part of an initiation ritual into the Niowra tribe of New Guinea. This should qualify him for dating Mick Jagger’s ex any day of the week.

John Travolta created quite a stir — nothing new for him — when he attended the Sunday afternoon matinee of “The Boy from Oz” at the Imperial Theatre to watch his pal, Hugh Jackman, tear up the stage singing, dancing and acting in a dazzling performance that is nothing short of theatrical genius. Hugh and John starred in the movie,“Swordfish,” a few years ago and became great friends.

Later, Travolta and his party trooped downtown where the Jackmans live to have dinner at home with Hugh and his wife, Debbie. Swordfish?

Thursday night, Anne and Kirk Douglas are going to see “The Boy from Oz” and on Saturday night they’ll take in Carole Bayer Sayger’s late show at the Regency Hotel. Who doesn’t know by this time that Carole wrote many songs with Peter Allen (Jackman plays Allen in “Oz”), some of which can be heard in the musical?

It was the Americans For the Arts Awards ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental, and star-studded was indeed the word for the celebration that took place in front of two massive mixed media works by Frank Stella that knocked your eyes out. It was the backdrop of backdrops. Veronica Hearst, the chairman of the evening, along with co-chairmen Agnes Gund and Eli Broad, the California philanthropist, was chic to swoon in a black dress by Dior. She oversaw the decor of the vast room, candlelit with white canvas and moss on the table, where such luminaries as Richard Avedon, Dr. Vance Coffman, Teresa Heinz, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Sofia Coppola and Kirk Varnedoe, in memoriam, were honored for their great contributions to the arts with such presenters as Veronica, Chuck Close, Arthur Mitchell, Vartan Gregorian and Jim Jarmusch. When the stunning young violinist Hilary Hahn played her violin, she brought down the house. And these are just some of the supporters who were there and in no particular order: Drue Heinz; sculptor Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas; David Rockefeller Jr.; Teresa Heinz’s sons, Andrew and Chris; Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and his wife, Gail Gregg; Peter Galassi of MoMA; Dorothy Lichtenstein; Glenn Lowry of MoMA and his wife, Susan; Elyn Zimmerman (she is Mrs. Kirk Varnedoe); Harold Koda of the Metropolitan Museum; Robert Wilson; Daniel Shapiro; the Frank Stellas; Sophie Dahl; Richard Avedon’s son, John; Kate Betts; Fabiola Beracasa (Veronica Hearst’s daughter); Woody Johnson and his new girlfriend, Holly Newman; New York’s new commissioner of cultural affairs, Kate Levin; Ashton Hawkins; Ross Bleckner; Joy Henderiks, and on and on into the night.

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