Gisele Bündchen

Giselle and Leo’s camera snafu…Nicole Kidman goes home for some TLC…Ewan McGregor’s bike tour…Diamond wishes…Loving Savannah.

The Case of DiCaprio’s Camera * Ewan’s Big Adventure * Funny Valentines

Gisele Bündchen has been flashing the blinding Art Deco diamond ring given to her by Leonardo DiCaprio every chance she gets, and the ring has turned into quite a conversation piece with the fashionista set. Talkative pals say Gisele and Leo are getting ready to say “I do” sooner rather than later. On the other hand, Leo is obsessed with taking pictures of his intended and is constantly using his digital camera to record her every move. Last week, while at the Los Angeles nightclub Shelter, he lost the camera containing hundreds of intimate shots. The club staff turned Shelter upside down to no avail. Leo has offered a reward of up to $20,000 for the camera’s return, but so far, nada — no takers. Of course no one but Leo knows what Gisele may or not be doing in the photographs, or who else might be in the pictures. Whatever, Leo’s said to be afraid that they might be sold to magazines in Europe or turn up on the Internet, in which case they would be worth many times the amount of his reward.

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Nicole Kidman has told friends that her romance with Lenny Kravitz was just too hot not to cool down. She flew home to Australia to confide the news of the romantic dead end to her family and to think about her future. She is planning to spend at least a month there getting back in touch with her roots. Nicole’s been quoted as saying, “I want to come home to Australia because this is what I am. I will be spending more and more time here as I wind down my work as an actress, which I know is on the horizon.” She has many fans Down Under, where some think of her as their own version of Princess Diana. Now there’s an interesting idea.

Ewan McGregor has had a hot movie every year since the world discovered him in “Trainspotting” in 1996, including this season’s “Big Fish,” “Down with Love” and of course, “Moulin Rouge” with Nicole Kidman. It’s said that now he’s going to take four months off from movie-making to live out a lifelong dream of taking a trip around the world on his motorcycle. Did you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever? He and his best friend, Charlie Boorman, will take their bikes and ride through Northern Europe to Poland, turn south through Slovakia and the Ukraine and then head east into Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Siberia, go across the Bering Strait to Alaska and then head south through Canada and back into the U.S. They better have a good map. When he gets home and scrubs the dust and mud off, he will be just in time for the 2005 release of “Star Wars: Episode III,” in which he reprises the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Don’t forget your helmet, honey.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, every girl and some boys are dreaming of diamonds. Elton John’s partner, David Furnish, has commissioned a diamond necklace designed by Sam Taylor-Wood, the very same Taylor-Wood that helped host Kate Moss’ birthday party last week. The choker will feature a four-letter word that matches a ring that David wears. Let’s just say it doesn’t say love.

Moss is developing her taste for jewelry and building a substantial collection to go along with her edgy wardrobe. She hasn’t taken off the diamond choker with the number 30 on it since she unwrapped it on her birthday. David and Sybil Yurman, who were just presented with a lifetime achievement honor at the jewelry industry’s Gem Awards, sent over their newest color chronograph watch with a pink mother-of-pearl face accented with diamonds, the one she admired while doing the jewelers’ new ad campaign with Amber Valetta in St. Bart’s. During the shoot, Kate made friends with the Yurmans’ son, Evan, and commissioned seven unique pieces from him including a pendant made out of a bear claw and a poison ring. Just what she plans on doing with the ring is a good question, wouldn’t you say?

Today, Kara Ross, the wife of Time Warner Center creator Stephen Ross, will unveil her new combination of bold, gold wood and orange sapphire creations at New York’s Ingrao Gallery. If all this stuff about jewelry doesn’t get you dreaming of what might happen to you on Valentine’s Day, I give up.

Geraldine Chaplin and Savannah, Ga., are having a love affair. Geraldine, the daughter of Charlie Chaplin, first went to Savannah the year before last for the world premiere of some of her father’s famous films at the film festival sponsored by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Also appearing at the festival at the same time was the Pedro Almodovar movie “Talk to Her,” in which Geraldine herself starred.

Last week, Geraldine and her artist husband, Patricio Tastilla, returned to Savannah for a one-man show of his paintings, sponsored by, again, the Savannah College of Art and Design. And now Geraldine is returning there once again next month to appear in a Jean-Marc Barr/Pascal Arnold film “Without Love,” which Barr and Arnold are making in Savannah. You all remember Barr, a major French filmmaker and actor. He starred in Luc Besson’s “The Big Blue,” now a cult movie. In “Without Love,” Geraldine plays the widow of a Georgia governor, just one of many Savannah women who fall madly in love with a young doctor who’s just graduated from medical school and returned to his native Savannah. That should pull them into the theaters.