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Capricious Caprice * Enchiladas at Ashton’s * A New 007

Camilla Parker Bowles wowed the guests when she arrived at the wedding of her niece, 25-year-old Alice Elliot, in a small village in Dorset on the arm of her father, Bruce Shand. Camilla was wearing an oyster-colored dress and a matching coat with silver brocade trimming and a fanciful black-and-white feather hat perched whimsically on the side of her head. Alice is the daughter of Camilla’s sister, Annabel. She and the groom, Luke Irwin, 35, are both antiques dealers. Among the guests were such swells as Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Kate Rothschild and Jemima Khan, whose two children, Sulaiman and Kasim, acted as pageboys. The bride’s two dogs were there, too, this being England.

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It was heard at the ceremony that Camilla would give up hunting due to a painful lower back problem. She is doing Pilates every day with a personal trainer to stop the pain, but just to be on the safe side, she is giving up the hunt for the time being. It is hoped that this will appease the animal rights activists that criticize her every time she rides out. And sometimes when she doesn’t ride out.

Caprice Bourret, the 29-year-old fiancée of 21-year-old Alex Davis, the grandson of billionaire Marvin Davis and his wife, Barbara, signed a six-figure deal to follow in the footsteps of Kim Basinger and Courteney Cox as the new face of Diet Coke. Now she’s talking to Alex about resettling in England after they marry next year. He works for the Chicago Board of Trade but he wants to keep her happy as he knows how important her career is to her. Caprice grew up in Southern California but no one had ever really heard of her until she moved to London and became a star modeling Wonderbras and appearing on television. The couple has known each other since Alex was 18 and have been dating for almost a year. They were officially engaged in August. “I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect relationship,” Caprice has been quoted as saying. “Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you have a good understanding, you work things out. I’m looking for somebody to be my friend. I want a soul mate.” How deep. How very, very deep.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher took another step closer to maybe the altar when he brought her home to Iowa to meet his mother, Diane Portwood. The whole family sat down to one of those hearty meals that you expect in the Midwest: enchiladas and ham, chicken breasts and mashed potatoes, etc. And Demi seemed to pass muster. Ashton’s mother told the hometown paper, “What I’ve found is when you meet many of these so-called celebrities in person they are really down to earth. We sat and talked about her kids and my kids. We had a great time.” Is it in Iowa that the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye?

The Aga Khan’s three-year-old gray colt, Dalakhani, called by many “the best horse in the world,” won the $1.1 million purse at the Arc de Triomphe, Europe’s most prestigious horse race, at Longchamp just outside of Paris. The Aga was beaming as he took the traditional open carriage ride over the course and into the winner’s circle with his 32-year-old daughter, Princess Zara, at his side. Nowhere in sight was his wife, Gabrielle, who doesn’t share her husband’s zeal for horse racing. The Aga Khan received three trophies from Queen Elizabeth at Ascot last summer — but you knew that.

Pierce Brosnan is rumored to be making the announcement we’ve heard at least twice before from such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore — that he is stepping down as James Bond after the next one. It is also rumored that Clive Owen, who tried to kill Matt Damon in “The Bourne Identity,” played a perfect valet in “Gosford Park” and is starring as King Arthur in “King Arthur,” has the inside track to replace him. He’s tall, dark and handsome and looks awfully good in and out of a suit.

At a gala dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant, the French-American Foundation, whose raison d’être is to sponsor relations between France and the U.S., met and held out friendly hands across the sea to each other. The evening was in honor of the wonderful Forbes family: Steve and Sabina, Robert and Lydia, Kip and Astrid, Timothy and Anne, and Moira and Kenneth Mumma, who received the Foundation’s Benjamin Franklin Award for their lifetime support of relations between the countries. The family patriarch, Steve, gave a stirring and very funny speech that struck just the right chord regarding the political rift between the two countries. In the speech given by French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte, he remarked that after all is said and done, we remain au fond friends and allies, vous savez?

Liz Fondaras, the gala’s chairman, always runs these annual dinners with grace and savoir faire — and she did it again at the Four Seasons, all dressed up in French red silk, sitting next to our Ambassador to the United Nations, John Negroponte. Everyone who feels pretty fine or even sort of fine about the French was there: Walter Curley, our former Ambassador to France with Mrs. Curley; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Patterson (he is the president of the foundation); Ambassador Ann Cox Chambers; Catharine Hamilton, the Chicago philanthropist; Cecile and Ezra Zilhka; Ann and Vernon Taylor, who flew in from Santa Barbara; the wicked wit, John Richardson, writer of erudite and gripping books on Picasso and other denizens of the art world; Linda Wachner; Kenneth Jay Lane; the lovely Patsy Preston, and looking drop-dead chic, sculptor Elizabeth de Cuevas, who showed off her white shoulders in black with no back, monumental bracelets running up an arm and silver hair like a little silver helmet pushed to one side.

That Evelyn Lauder never stops, does she? Since she started the Breast Cancer Research Foundation 10 years ago and pinned pink ribbons — the mark of a BCRF supporter — on thousands of fans, she has raised $70 million for the cause. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, there was a luncheon she chaired in the Waldorf Astoria ballroom for over a thousand very good friends — and that little affair raised another $1.5 million.

Elizabeth Vargas of your TV and mine was the mistress of ceremonies and she and Evelyn presided as the foundation awarded more than $14.5 million to 80 visionary breast cancer researchers, along with the Jill Rose Award to the famous surgeon and researcher, Dr. Bernard Fisher, and The Humanitarian Award to Joan Hamburg. They decorated the grand ballroom in pink and rose and fuchsia and raspberry. Among the pink-ribboned ladies having at the smoke trout and organic beets were such as New York’s first lady, Libby Pataki, Rose Marie Bravo, Gigi Mortimer, Lady (Lynn) de Rothschild, Anne Eisenhower Flottl, Katherine Bryan, Karen Lefrak, Adrienne Vittadini and Evelyn’s adoring husband, the cosmetic giant, Leonard Lauder, who knows what’s good for him.

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