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The Sexiest Boy From Oz * Dispatches From the Youngsters * Another Colin Conquest?

If People magazine doesn’t choose Hugh Jackman as its next Sexiest Man Alive, it means “people” over there don’t know how to vote. Playing the late brilliant performer-songwriter Peter Allen in the soon-to-open-on-Broadway, “The Boy From Oz,” Jackman is dazzling, dazzling, dazzling — singing, dancing and acting. And along the way exuding sex appeal for both men and women alike, even as Peter himself did. Only much much more, because Hugh Jackman is better looking, just as talented and visually more exciting than Peter was. When he is on stage — a lot — it’s hard to keep your eyes off him, such a magnet is he. It’s no secret that he probably gave up $30 million or more when he chose to forgo a year of movie making to appear on the stage. Thank you, Hugh Jackman, for letting us see you in the flesh.

This story first appeared in the October 8, 2003 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

After a performance at the Imperial Theatre, Douglas Cramer and Hugh Bush, small investors in “The Boy From Oz,” but big believers the show will be a huge hit, gave a supper at Swifty’s for the musical’s only two producers, Robert Fox and Ben Gannon. (“I’m not a producer,” said Doug Cramer. “I only wish I were.”) Everyone was there — Judy and Sam Peabody; Louise and Henry Grunwald; Anne Bass and her artist boyfriend, Julian Lethbridge; Linda and Mort Janklow; Cecile and Ezra Zilkha; best-dressed Deeda Blair of the Washington Blairs; Nan Kempner in a pink coat; Bobby Short; Hannah Pakula; Georgette Mosbacher; Cathy Graham; Sean Driscoll, the big man at Glorious Food who feeds the multitudes; Reinaldo Herrera; Carol and Earl Mack; Alex Hitz; Kenneth Jay Lane, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and the newish couple in town, artist Anh Duong and art expert Simon de Pury. Slender and chiseled-featured both, they somehow resemble each other, sort of.

Hugh Jackman didn’t come to supper. He doesn’t go out on nights he’s performing by way of saving his voice and energy for the show. Smart. And did I mention sexy?

Is daughter outdoing Daddy? Sofia Coppola, famous director Francis Ford Coppola’s little girl, now a hot-shot director herself after her magnum opus movie, “Lost in Translation,” is being honored for Artistic Excellence in Film by the 2003 National Arts Awards, sponsored by Americans for the Arts. This all will happen on Nov. 11 when Sofia receives her award at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the National Awards benefit chaired by Veronica Hearst. There will be a star-studded reception before the lavish dinner and awards ceremony celebrating notable talent for national leadership and artistic achievement. Sofia fits the bill. Other honorees include Teresa Heinz Kerry (philanthropy), the famous photographer Richard Avedon (for lifetime achievement), artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude (for covering just about everything in sight), Dr. Vance Coffman of Lockheed-Martin (for corporate support of the arts) and, in memorium, the late Kirk Varnedoe (for his extraordinary contributions to the arts). Oh, and will we see a certain proud father cheering from the sidelines?

Amanda Hearst has returned from London where she stayed at the Groucho Club and dove right into the social swim head on going to a piano recital by Bryan Wallick, a post-concert dinner given by family friend Frances Hayward and gossiping with Lord Frederick Windsor, the handsome son of Princess Michael of Kent. She also saw editors and photographers (she is taking a year off from college and modeling for Elite) before she pushed on to Madrid, checking into the Ritz and checking the Goyas and Velazquezes at the Prado. Tonight, she and her cousins, Gillian Hearst-Shaw and Lydia Hearst-Shaw, will make an appearance at British Consul-General Sir Thomas Harris’ party for bespoke tailor Garrick Anderson to help christen his new boutique at Bergdorf Goodman. Everywhere you look there’s a Hearst girl. That’s a good thing, because they’re all beautiful.

London playboy and music producer Dan Macmillan, a.k.a the handsome 29-year-old Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden, the great-grandson of former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and heir to a huge publishing fortune, is in love with a New Yorker. She is Stella Schnabel, the 20-year-old daughter of artist Julian Schnabel. The two have known each other since they were children but have only known each other for the last nine months. Stella, a fashion stylist, also had a love affair with Raphael de Rothschild of the banking dynasty, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000. Dan also has had fashion flings with Kate Moss and Jade Jagger. Along the way, when he had a moment, he modeled for Burberry. Elizabeth Jagger, Mick’s 19-year-old daughter, a successful model and one of the faces of Lancôme, is dating 20-year-old Alexander Dellal whose father, Guy, was once linked to her mother, Jerry Hall. They have been together for over a month and are telling her parents that this is “the real thing.” The real thing? After a month? Sure it is, honey. Mick is just happy that there’s not a huge age difference, as he was not tickled pink over her last boyfriend, Michael Wincott, who was over twice her age. And we all know there is probably no greater authority on that May-December stuff than Mick.

Princess Stephanie is expecting her fourth child. She’s pretty used to that sort of thing. She already has three — two by Daniel Ducruet and one by an unnamed father, at least unnamed by her. Less thrilled, make that considerably less thrilled, is her sister, Princess Caroline, who hasn’t spoken to her since she married that Portuguese circus acrobat, Adans Peres, and moved into his trailer. Gawd. Stephanie is trying to negotiate a raise in her allowance, which has been severely cut back to accommodate her new — make that old — condition. Her father, Prince Rainier, is said to be happy that she chose not to have this child out of wedlock and hopes she’ll quiet down and settle down. He has the same hopes for his son, Prince Albert, and let’s leave it at that. After all, hope does spring eternal.

Colin Farrell, looking all blonde and gorgeous for his role as Alexander the Great, met and charmed also gorgeous Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco, the youngest sister of King Mohammed VI, at the Morocco Film Festival in Marakkesh last weekend. I said charmed, not conquered. Any talk of romance is of course out of the question. He drinks, smokes and swears and isn’t of the faith, just to start the long list of his favorite things. Dear, Colin.

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