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There’s always a palpable electricity in the air the night before the Academy Awards, with major parties in seemingly every corner of Los Angeles. Beverly Hills alone is home to the lion’s share of events, including The Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscars dinner at The Montage, CAA’s bash at Bryan Lourd’s home, and The Night Before party at Raleigh Studios.

Giorgio Armani’s pre-Oscar cocktail party at its Rodeo Drive flagship, hosted by Roberta Armani, is usually at the epicenter of the early-evening star-quake, kicking things off at 5:30 p.m. Saturday’s event, in honor of “The Revenant,” was busy as Leonard DiCaprio, the presumed winner of the Best Actor in a Leading Role trophy, sneaked in through a back entrance and remained undetected by many of the guests as he stood with his posse in a back corner behind a giant column.

“Thank you” was probably the phrase most overheard by those trying to edge closer. DiCaprio also fielded phone calls at the party (perhaps one time when interrupting a conversation with other VIPS wasn’t considered rude) and even appeared to FaceTime with other friends. After posing for a few key professional photos, he slipped out the same back door as quietly as he arrived.

Soon Cate Blanchett arrived and embraced fellow Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway, her growing belly on display. Charlotte Rampling made the rounds in a beaded Armani jacket with her son David in tow. Also in the mix were Ray Liotta, Tobey Maguire, Christoph Waltz, Lewis Hamilton, Tim Robbins, Naomi Campbell, Steve Tisch and Maria and Bobby Shriver.

“Wow,” marveled Chanel Iman, who stood off on the sidelines. “This party is, like, major.”

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