Elie Top, Poppy Delevigne, Spike Jonze, Martha Stewart, Paul Haggis, Cara Santana and Jesse Metclafe, Naomi Campbell, Jeanne Damas.


Just who is Elie Top, one might ask? Well, for those in the jewelry business he’s the creator of fantastical rings and baubles, but this year he carved a name for himself in the photo captions of Paris’ party scene. It’s hard to miss his signature, well-defined mustache above a toss of a refined neck scarf. His hit list included an Olympia Le-Tan book signing; the front row at Saint Laurent; a Chloé store opening; the opening gala for the new season of the Paris Opera Ballet, and the International Women’s Day Lunch. Where will Top pop up next?


As little sister Cara makes a bigger name for herself on the silver screen, the middle Delevingne holds down the society beat worldwide. She’s in Marchesa at the Met Ball, she’s mugging with Paris Hilton at Cannes, she’s bopping to the beat at Coachella. Even her collaborations are becoming repetitive — shoes, patches, swimwear. Pray tell, what’s next?


Jonze is the special breed of ubiquitor who is a repeated face on many a tip sheet but who seems to be in utter denial over just how many parties he attends. Wherever he is spotted, he’s guaranteed to politely turn down reporters and photographers — but we see you Spike, we see you.


It should come as no surprise that Stewart knows her way around a cocktail party, but the famed hostess with the mostest seems to be emboldened by her friendship with Snoop Dogg and has a new party lease on life. One thing is for sure: As Snoop says, when Martha’s “in the club, she drops it like it’s hot.”


If you’re at a film shindig downtown — or uptown, he doesn’t discriminate — odds are Paul Haggis is lurking nearby, ready with a quip and a quote. The film director is still riding his “Million Dollar Baby” glory days, with nary a hit since. But look for him near the open bar — as his attendance record shows, he’s the most supportive film friend in the biz.


A party is always more fun with a plus one, and lovebirds Santana and Metcalfe are never far apart. They’ve taken their affection to the Dior Lady Art pop-up boutique; amfAR’s Inspiration Gala; the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, and out for a night of Emmys parties. Their biggest joint appearance is yet to come — their impending nuptials. Will their grueling party schedule transcend the honeymoon stage?


What parties has Naomi not attended? We draw a blank. The supermodel has been strutting about town — well, make that Ubering — and hitting the best parties from Milan to L.A. But if you want her there for the entire party, you’d better book her as the host, otherwise, she’s in and out. The next party awaits.


Damas has spun a string of party appearances into French “It” girl-dom. Find her and her red lipstick front row at Valentino or Sonia Rykiel, or partying with Isabel Marant post-show. What’s the next step for a perennial party girl? Only 2017 will tell.