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Not everything deserves an encore. Eighties television series “21 Jump Street,” remade two summers ago as a blockbuster, is now back for a third go-around as “22 Jump Street.” But there probably won’t be a 23rd.

“It’s not easy doing sequels — it really isn’t,” said Channing Tatum on the red carpet of the film’s New York premiere at the AMC in Lincoln Center. The movie is partly the story of making a sequel, and is charmingly self-aware, calling itself out as much throughout. Tatum and Jonah Hill costar as a team of undercover cops whose relationship has blatant and deliberate romantic undertones — complete with break-up vernacular, when they decide to have an “open investigation” and “investigate other people.”

Hill made only a quick pit-stop on the red carpet before running off to tape an appearance on “The Colbert Report.” The actor has been busy working the media circuit, issuing a series of apologies after slinging an antigay slur at a paparazzi over the weekend.

“It was honestly disappointing and surprising because the Jonah we know is not like that,” codirector Chris Miller said of the incident. Coincidently — too much, perhaps — the very pejorative Hill used gets plenty of play in the film as well — an entire scene dedicated to it, in fact, with Tatum’s character discussing the word with his on-screen partner.

“I thought [the movie] was very meta,” Arden Wohl said at Lavo after the movie rolled. Nearby, Irene Neuwirth locked lips with her boyfriend — the film’s codirector Phil Lord — before greeting Tatum. Tatum was holding down the party in his costars’ absence — at least for the few minutes he was there. After making the rounds, Tatum made his exit to the tune of Jay Z’s frat-boy anthem “Big Pimpin’,” only to be met with a chorus of “Channing!” on the street.

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