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Before the launch of A. Human came a press release pronouncing it “a progressive new fashion brand.” That could mean just about anything in fashion speak, but leading up to the unveiling, brand founder Simon Huck had a high-wattage friend leave breadcrumbs about his new venture on Instagram. Tagging #ahuman, Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram story with a choker necklace embedded in her neck that moved in sync with her heartbeat. Tuesday night, on the eve of the fashion week, Huck’s world of A. Human was revealed in SoHo.

“What would fashion look like in 100 years?” Huck mused at the party. “The ethos here is if you could change your body as quick as you change your clothing, would you?”

It isn’t so much a collection as it was an immersive experience full of curiosities and body modifications. Upon walking in to the installation, guests were greeted by feet molded into shell heel shapes, called “The Nautilus,” as well as finlike back modifications or an organic corset. The goal, Huck said, is present his “spring collection” in a way that “feels fashion and not sci-fi.”

“We started this process six months ago. Body modification as a topic can be a little bit gory, but how can we make it stylish and sexy and not dark dystopian or horror,” Huck said about A. Human’s beginnings.

“I’ve been an experience junkie my whole life; I wanted to do something in the experience world. What we came up with is the future of self-expression,” he added.

The experience is made up of several rooms and hallways full of A. Human’s body modifications and plenty of Instagramable moments, like the “Rapunzel,” a massive hair modification in orange on a large blue background that guests were lining up to photograph themselves with, or the “Stole,” a massive pink circle of hands that guests can step in the middle of to, as the exhibit says, “keep warm in the winter months.”

The Pinnacle by Nicola Formichetti for A. Human.

The Pinnacle by Nicola Formichetti for A. Human.  Lexie Moreland/WWD

Nicola Formichetti contributed a modification called “The Pinnacle,” made of two hornlike protrusions on the shoulders. Formichetti  called the A. Human experience “a modern Madame Tussauds.”

Of his piece, Formichetti said “shoulders in fashion are often used to represent a certain time or culture, and the shoulder is a place to hang our clothes. I wanted to think about what if there was no fashion; maybe we could then grow our shoulders similar to insects or even aliens. The shapes I created are inspired by dinosaur horns, and textures like a lizard.”

Guests including Katie Holmes, Simon Doonan and Hannah Bronfman took in the exhibit Tuesday evening. In the end, the A. Human experience is mostly full of Instagram bait, much like the Museum of Ice Cream or Color Factory — but Huck’s experience is for the fashion crowd.

Huck hinted that after New York ends there is talk of taking his concept to other cities, mentioning Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles as possible locations. A. Human is open for four weeks only at 48 Mercer Street from Sept. 5 through 30. Tickets are available online for $40 per person, ages 13 and up.

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