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“I spent more time at Al Pacino’s house than I ever would have thought was humanly possible as a 16-year-old growing up in New Jersey.” Dan Fogelman was at the premiere of his new movie “Danny Collins” in New York on Wednesday night marveling at his luck in snagging the Oscar winner for the title role. “Isn’t that something? He wrote it with me in mind,” said Pacino, dressed in a signature all-black ensemble. “Francis Ford Coppola wanted me and fought for me to be in ‘The Godfather.’ After that, when a director wants me, I always listen to them and try to do the movie.”

In full Pacino à la “Scent of a Woman” mode, he plays an aging rock star seeking to reconnect with his long lost son, played by Bobby Cannavale.

“He was reportedly nervous to sing in this film,” said costar Jennifer Garner. Not true, she said. “You couldn’t shut him up. He never stopped singing — he sang all day, everyday.” Hooah, indeed.

Unlike his character, Pacino, who’s turning 75 next month, certainly shows no sign of retiring.

“Find things that are going to keep you involved in what you do and make you inspired,” he offered sagely. “If you love what you do, I think ‘making it’ and all of that should come second to pursuing the love of your life.” He paused here, and then declared: “Marry her.”

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