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“We wanted to celebrate all the people who have supported us,” said Alana Hadid, matching with her La Detresse cofounder Emily Perlstein in acid washed sweatshirts at the Fleur Room Thursday night. “It’s less about for us about fashion week itself and about showing that way, it was more about showing love to people who have supported us, and having all of those people in one place at one time, doing something fun and cool and creative.”

“And for our families also to interact,” Perlstein added.

“Yes, they don’t get to interact all the time, because we have West Coast and East Coast families and for them to get to have a night where they spent time together — it’s rare enough for me to spend this much time with my siblings — my mom is here, my dad is here, [Perlstein’s] parents are here. That’s huge for us; that’s enough in and of itself, but to also show what we’ve been working on for awhile is also really cool,” said Hadid.

In addition to their families — including Hadid sisters Bella, Gigi, and Marielle — the pair were also joined by Tan France in toasting the latest collection for their brand, Acid Drop. Alisha Goldstein, founder of Jane Smith Agency and a longtime friend of the duo, cohosted the event.

“So we had done tie dye, which I think was fun and cool, and everyone kind of got on that bandwagon,” said Hadid. “But we were thinking, what was a fun thing to do?”

They landed on acid washing.

“It’s a fun way for us to play with denim, play with jersey, play with cotton, play with fabrics,” Hadid added. “And that’s really what I think our whole brand is: it’s working with denim, working with fabrics, and working with them in different ways. We’re playful; we’re having a good time with it, and it’s not so serious with us.”

The pair might stop into some shows throughout the week, but stressed that they were really in town in order to pay thanks to their ardent supporters.

“I love you guys,” enthused Bella Hadid, making her exit just past 9 p.m. “I have to be up at 7 for work, but I love you.”

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