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There are a few things that can be expected from an Alexander Wang party: a relentlessly blaring bass; a pack of sloshy of-the-moment models, a peak time of around 2 a.m. and a shiny-faced Wang hair flipping to a lineup of rap performances he himself curated. Hooters girls are not on the list.


“It’s epic,” Bella Hadid assessed. It was around 10 p.m. and the model was by the back bar of Pier 94, the site of Wang’s thumping post-show blowout. Wang is a savant of the low-brow-as-high-brow perversion and this was no different. Big-boobed Hooters girls proffered boneless buffalo wings with smiles; pole dancers gyrated on elevated platforms and this may be the only fashion party that didn’t serve Champagne. The Fat Jewish took credit for the motif.


“I told Alexander Wang at the CFDA awards that I was going to give him, like, a 22-minute long lap dance,” he said, stroking his signature, gravity-defying dreadlock. “I like to give lap dances that are uncomfortably long. And I don’t blink the whole time. Dead eye contact.”


He was among the plebeians roaming the room. Most celebs were in the tightly manned VIP section. Inquiring press were told it was for Alex’s “close friends and family,” with a sleek black wristband marking the tribe. Inside the inner sanctum, Alex’s roster of celebrities — Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, et al. — splayed across black leather banquettes bobbing their heads as Tinashe, Lil Wayne and Ludacris hit the stage.

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