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Sometimes, there is no reason needed to throw a fabulous dinner other than the need to celebrate everyone’s overall fabulosity. Such was the case at Tuesday night’s Giorgio Armani and Vanity Fair dinner at the new Holmby Hills home of Michael Smith and James Costos. Co-hosted by Roberta Armani, Krista Smith and Emma Stone, the ultra-exclusive gathering wasn’t short on star power, drawing a constellation of young Hollywood types from Olga Fonda (the villainess in last week’s box office topper “Real Steel”), Camilla Belle, Julia Jones (“Eclipse”), Amber Heard, Brie Larson, Bella Heathcote (“In Time”), Darren Criss, Alexander Ludwig (“The Hunger Games”), Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., Miles Teller, Colton Haynes (‘Teen Wolf”) and Armie Hammer. “We haven’t been to many of these,” said Overstreet of the posh ultra-modern (and very white) digs as he hung with former “Glee” pals Shum and Criss. “Yeah, I’m scared to touch anything here.” added Criss. “I noticed there are little spray bottles in the bathroom. I think they might be for wiping people’s fingerprints off of anything.” “Just wait until we start dancing,” joked Shum.


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There were “elder statesmen” to be mindful of after all, including bona fide movie stars Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Mark Wahlberg, Josh Hartnett, Aaron Eckhart as well as socials Candy Spelling (whose old mansion is just down the road), Peter Frankfurt and Vanessa Getty and arty types like Jeffrey Deitch. But to her credit, Alba didn’t put on any airs, happy to share stories about her new baby Haven and even admitting, “I couldn’t fit into any Armani samples yet because I’m still nursing. This is actually my first night out wearing tight black pants. We’ll see how I do.”


New mom Devon Aoki was also candid about her equally svelte post-baby body. “I don’t know how I got into this dress. I gained 60 pounds while pregnant. But it was all worth it.”


After cocktail hour inside, the electronic white screens raised from the glass doors, revealing the Alice in Wonderland-like extra-long table setting on the lawn. “You think they want us to go outside?” asked Stone. Once everyone was settled in their seats and happily chatting away, a good two hours passed before anyone even thought to table hop. It probably wasn’t necessary with every other seat occupied by an actor. Holmes beat an early exit but she was the only one, with everyone else leaving close to midnight. Even though it was a late party by early-to-bed Los Angeles standards, Hammer and his wife Elizabeth were too polite to admit they had to get home. “We’re just going to find a drink at the bar,” she said, before mouthing, “We’re leaving.”

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