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“When Jayma [Cardoso] and Surf Lodge asked me to come down here I was like, ‘f–k yea, let’s do this!”

New Orleans-based artist Ashley Longshore was in town for a celebratory dinner at the Surf Lodge’s Art Basel Miami Beach pop-up, hosted simultaneously with a dinner celebrating Incubus singer Brandon Boyd’s exhibition of artwork. Longshore had just come from an event for her collaboration with Gucci in London, and had arrived in town with a bit of a role reversal.

“I don’t have any art down here because literally all of my inventory is almost sold out,” she said. “I’ve been buying art all day. I love all of them, and honestly I was speed buying,” she added. “I bought like seven pieces today, sculptures and paintings, from Scope and also Aqua. I love Aqua; I love the intimacy of it. I’m not a big fan of gallerists. I always have fun when I buy down here because I love to negotiate and make them give up their percentages and make sure the artist gets paid — because I’m all about the artist.”

Guests sat down to a communal passed dinner, the table sprinkled with coasters printed with Longshore’s artwork: “Feminism Is a Real Panty Dropper”; “I Wish a Bitch Would”; “I Do Not Cook, I Do Not Clean, I Do Not Fly Commercial.”

“All of my artwork is really about my experience as a woman in America,” she explained, adding that the dinner itself was generating plenty of material for her to explore in new work. “As an artist, honestly, real talk, a lot of this is strange because my nature is to be solemn and creative. So this is really a time when I’m sponging social activity, and I’m looking for ideas to paint right now. This is my inspiration.”