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The art of the fashion illustration was celebrated Thursday night at a private home near Miami Beach, where Peter Dundas corralled his usual model-heavy crowd to showcase the Dream Makers exhibition he put together of fashion illustrations, curated with Artemis Baltoyanni.

The likes of Caroline Vreeland, Jessica Hart, Alana Hadid and more rolled up to the private home, where drinks were served by the pool and framed pieces hung on the walls throughout the main floor.

“I think it’s been a passion of mine for my whole career — it’s one of the reasons why I’m a designer today,” Dundas said of the illustrations. “When we started talking about doing something during Art Basel, we came up with this; it was a very honest and natural decision to go this way. I think it’s an art form that really deserves more focus.”

He and Baltoyanni, an art adviser with a gallery in Athens who is close to Dundas and partner Evangelo Bousis, began working on the project around two months ago.

“Basically the same time you are allotted to make a collection today,” Dundas said. “I think it’s such an interesting counterpoint to how we get our fashion information today, which is mainly social media, but that’s how I discovered most of this as well. So there is that discrepancy.”

The centerpiece of the collection, which was used for the invitations, is a piece that is recognizable from Arcadia’s “So Red the Rose” album, lent to Dundas by Nick Rhodes.

“Peter started working around ‘93, so there are a lot of Eighties works here in the show,” Baltoyanni said.

The project was a first for the art adviser. “I work in contemporary art so I had no idea about fashion,” she said. “So that made it a very interesting journey.”

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