Forget the art fairs: Diplo was at Art Basel Miami Beach to party.

Who exactly is Diplo? According to Twitter: “Random white dude be everywhere, founder of Smoothie Wolf, feeding the streets since 1885. Also in Major Lazer.”

Yes, the DJ and producer was seemingly everywhere worth being seen at night during Art Basel Miami Beach. On Tuesday night, Diplo stopped by Stephen and Petra Levin’s home for a party in celebration of the ICA Miami opening before heading over to the Wynwood District for the opening night of the Prada Double Club pop-up, where he could be found dancing by a Cuban organ. While many attendees took advantage of the balmy weather to don colorful and breezy outfits, Diplo went for the more low-key look of camo cargo pants and a “Publix” hooded sweatshirt — which, for those not in the know, is the name of an employee-owned grocery chain in Florida. Clearly proud of his ensemble, he posted a photo to Instagram and declared himself an “up-and-coming fashion icon.”

But you know what they say: All play and no work makes Diplo a dull boy. Along with the Major Lazar collective, Diplo DJ’d the Rum and Bass Art Basel Kickoff Block Party on Tuesday, and he was back to work again on Thursday night, DJing Moschino’s blowout party at Eden Roc following an intimate dinner hosted by the fashion house. But Diplo knows what the people want. Sensing a photographer had missed his best dance moves, he provided an encore, hamming it up for the flashing bulbs. If he saw any art throughout the week, it would be a feat. But oh, did he have fun.

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