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Aziz Ansari was in a tux at Monkey Bar on Thursday night. The actor and comedian was the host of a party for Band of Outsiders’ fall men’s collection. Designer Scott Sternberg had outfitted him in a gray-and-black-striped bow tie and shawl-collared jacket in the label’s trademark neat tailoring. The pair have been friends for a few years, which, the slightly built Ansari pointed out, has benefitted his wardrobe.

“If I was friends with the Eddie Bauer guy, it wouldn’t be a very fruitful friendship,” he laughed. “I’d just be wearing oversized clothes all the time.”

A clutch of editors and fashion week rubberneckers filled out the dark midtown bar, occasionally ducking into the cold to see the collection on display in a Plexiglas-walled box truck across the street. The snow from a predicted Friday blizzard was still a few hours off, but Ansari was already game-planning.

“A tuxedo is actually great winter wear,” he said. “This is all I have — just this tuxedo. If you see a guy walking around in the snow in a tuxedo, it’s me.”