Rebel Wilson BAFTA Film Awards 2016

LONDON — Actors’ unscripted moments – and spontaneous lines – are often better than their on-screen ones. Here, WWD has compiled the funniest and most outrageous quotes from Sunday night’s BAFTA awards in London.

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Alicia Vikander told the presenter Zoe Ball how she lost her cool after meeting Matt Damon on the set of the as-yet-unnamed Jason Bourne film – “I found myself nervous…feeling like a bit of a fan.”

John Boyega, who won the EE Rising Star Award, reflected on how his fame still hasn’t reached all the British supermarkets: “I went to Waitrose this morning and bought a bun and no one noticed me.”

Matt Smith, who played Parson Collins in “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” said: “I thought it would be interesting if he was in love with Mr. Darcy – and not with the girls – that was my spin on it.”

On the red carpet Bryan Cranston showed off a pair of novelty cufflinks featuring a naked man. “Elle Fanning, my lovely daughter in (“Trumbo”), gave me these bathtub cufflinks,” he said. The film has a scene where Fanning’s character interrupts her father in the bath, asking him to attend her birthday party.

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Kate Winslet, who took home the award for best supporting actress for her role in “Steve Jobs,” was shocked at her own performance: “I watched the film and thought I really was so scary. How did I manage to be that scary and breastfeed at the same time?”

Making a film that isn’t comedy after years of it being your forte can be tough but, according to Adam McKay, who directed “The Big Short.” He added it’s even harder when Will Ferrell is no longer by your side. “There were tough days where I looked around and said ‘Where’s Will?”

Actor Jack O’Connell, well known for his roles in “Unbroken” and “Skins,” presented the EE Rising Star Award and struggled to find words to explain just how special the award is: “The EE rising star award is also special because it’s blue, which is rare… Or rarer.’”

Pete Docter, director of the animated film “Inside Out,” explained talked about the true challenge of making the film “It takes place inside the mind of an eleven year old girl – that was hard to figure out.”

Dakota Johnson told the world she was “wearing tweed underwear” – in honor of the quintessential Englishman Stephen Fry – whilst presenting the award for outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer.

Tim Angel, chairman of Angels Costumes, which won outstanding British contribution to cinema thanked “all the actors who spend hours in their underwear in our sitting rooms,” when he accepted the award.

Lenny Abrahamson, director of “Room,” who accepted Brie Larson’s award for Best Leading Actress Larson was unable to attend the ceremony because she was “ looking for something light to do after Room — and is wrestling a gorilla in Australia.” She is currently in Australia filming “Kong: Skull Island” about the origins of King Kong.

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