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How far would you go to salvage your favorite pair of shoes?

For André Saraiva, the quest to save a prized pair of vintage Bally boots ended up with a collaboration between the artist and Bally creative director, Pablo Coppola, which was toasted Thursday evening from the penthouse of the Standard East Village.

“I have this pair of boots — my favorite pair of boots — that I found in a flea market like 20 years ago and I still wear them,” Saraiva said. “But they were falling apart. When I met Pablo, I was like ‘I have this pair of boots, can you redo them for me?’ And that’s how everything started. I had them redone a couple of times — they were literally patches of leather. They were falling apart. And now I have one pair in Paris, one pair in New York, and one pair in my house in Lisbon.”

“We are celebrating…how do you call it — chance encounters?” said Coppola, before guests Margherita Missoni, Harvey Weinstein and Swizz Beatz sat down to dinner. “I knew about his work for a very long time, since I moved to Paris in the early 2000s. And he asked me to replicate a boot from Bally that he used to wear in the Seventies, and it all got started from there — an organic collaboration. I’m in Disneyland — to do projects with people whom you like, who you admire from afar, it’s really good.”

Coppola, who is based in London, is staying in New York through Halloween — requiring him to prepare a costume, once his hosting duties had wrapped. “I’ve been told that the theme is ‘Purple Rain’ meets something else, so something about Prince,” he said of his party plans. “Tomorrow that’s what I’ve got to do in the afternoon.”

But before any costume shopping could commence, he was back to working the room, talking shoes. As Saraiva said, “you know, when you find a perfect pair of boots…”

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