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Bettina Prentice, Dalia Oberlander, Hannah Bronfman, Claire Distenfeld and Rosie Assoulin and a host of jewelry lovers congregated at Bergdorf Goodman’s BG Restaurant Tuesday afternoon to fete Sabine Ghanem, who designed a new capsule collection for the store.

Hosted by the blogger and author Leandra Medine and Bergdorf’s senior vice president and general merchandise manager Elizabeth Hui von der Goltz, the lunch showcased Sabine G.’s new Harlequin line. The collaboration was something of a family reunion for Ghanem. “Bergdorf’s is like my home away from home,” she said. “It’s like I had my parents take me into their office one day when I was launching my second collection. We had this great talk and said, ‘What can we do that would be special for the Bergdorf clientele?’ It was from that meeting that I got superinspired for the collection.”

The capsule collection focuses heavily on brightly colored enamel — a departure from the designer’s first, medieval-inspired collection, done solely in rubies and diamonds. “By the end [of that collection], I was like, ‘I need color,’” she said. “I really wanted to have fun with color — that was the source. It became Harlequin because there is a humorous side.”

Guests flocked to the display cases to let out requisite “oohs” and “aahs” over the sparkly things. Bronfman made a quick beeline to a pink sapphire-encrusted ear cuff in the shape of a pair of lips. “That’s the Beautified symbol,” she squealed, arranging the piece on a nearby floral arrangement to Instagram. Quick pause to find the perfect filter. “This came out cute, right?” she asked, passing around the phone to tablemates. Nods of approval all around. Others entertained themselves with the available libations. “Why not?” said one perfectly coiffed guest when handed a glass of white wine. “I’m not heading back to the office today.”

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