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A horse silhouetted with blue. Men’s hands holding out lipsticks. A woman crouching next to a roll of toilet paper. Such madcap images and more taken from Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s Toiletpaper magazine are splashed across seven front windows of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo. The new project, supported by Berluti, was feted Tuesday night with a cocktail party at the contemporary art museum.


Cattelan, who hammed it up for photographers, said it’s impossible to choose which image he likes best.


“It’s like having a family and asking which one is your preferred kid,” he said. “[I like] all of them….”


Antoine Arnault, chief executive officer of Berluti, said he’s been a fan of Cattelan’s “forever. He’s fun, he’s deep, he’s crazy. He’s smart, he’s witty. I love him. He’s hilarious.”


That said, Arnault hasn’t collected any of the artist’s work yet. “Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for me,” he demurred.


And as to whether there’s a link between Berluti and toilet paper, Arnault exclaimed: “There is none, and that’s what I love about it.”


Other guests at the party included Xavier Veilhan, Ora-ïto and Alessandro Sartori.


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