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It’s a rarity for men to outnumber women at fashion parties, but such was the case on Friday night, when Billboard magazine and Jimmy Choo threw a party to celebrate the Men of Style issue. Nick Jonas, Mark Ronson, Pete Wentz and others stepped up their sartorial game for the small, laid-back affair, held at Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer’s John Lautner-designed home in the Hollywood Hills. There were a few token females in the crowd, including Courtney Love, Rashida Jones and Samantha Ronson.

“I don’t put a lot of thought into getting dressed, which is the funny thing,” said Jonas, who donned a dusty purple Paul Smith suit. “For me, it’s what I feel comfortable in, like it’s all natural and I’m not trying too hard, so it’s nice when people think I am putting pieces together that make sense.”

Though he was calm at the party, Jonas admitted to jitters before his MTV Video Music Awards performance on Sunday. “It’s a big night and it’s been a great year so I want to be able to enjoy it, but I’m a little nervous as well.”

For Wentz, his approach to dressing usually involves girlfriend Meagan Camper.

“I feel like the role of the man usually is to flatter whatever your date’s outfit is, but tonight I came by myself so I just wanted to be comfortable in case we end up going somewhere afterwards, but still feel like an adult,” he said.

His tuxedo jacket over a T-shirt and Saint Laurent slacks was a last-minute decision. “I was walking out of my house in another outfit and my girlfriend was like, ‘You look like you are going to yacht party, just so you know,’ so this is the adjusted outfit.”

When praised for his California style (he’s also currently rocking bleached blonde hair), he said, “I feel like my parents would be disappointed because we’re from the Midwest.”

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