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DUBAI — Brian Atwood’s colorful sky-high statement heels could take on even greater height. “The Burj Khalifa is gorgeous. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see that on a heel?” said the designer, sipping a cocktail at Peruvian bar Inka, overlooking the world’s tallest building. “There is so much inspiration all around here. The architecture is beautiful.”

In a celebratory mood for his first visit to the Middle East, Atwood met earlier in the day with clients during a personal appearance at Level Shoes in Dubai Mall, where he debuted a colorful pop-up. The designer, who retails in the region exclusively at Level Shoes, said he was so taken by the megastore he shopped in between interviews and client meetings. “It’s a mecca. I bought four pairs of shoes today — espadrilles from my friend Louis Leeman, a pair of Adidas, a South Parade exclusive espadrille and No. 21 shoes for my mom.”

In town for a quick two-day stop, Brian said he’ll be back again. “They love exclusives here so I have to bring them something special.”