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Given that Monday night’s party was dedicated to introducing Calvin Klein’s newest scent, Reveal for Women, many were prepared to divulge.

So what did the Calvin Klein-clad celebrities filling 4 WTC find most revealing about people they’ve just met?

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“A big thing for me is how they treat other people,” said Gigi Hadid, who did the carpet with her younger sister. “I trust someone if they only have good things to say about people — or at least more good than bad. That’s very revealing.”

“Their attention,” added Rosario Dawson. “Not in an egotistical way, but what they’re focused on — their cell phone or the guy talking behind your left ear. Do they look you in the eye? Are they focused on your boobs? It says quite a lot about somebody.” As for what in this age of leaked nude celebrity photos she doesn’t want to reveal? “In general, I think most people have skeletons in the closet, things you might find compromising or embarrassing. But those are the ones that when you relinquish them, they have much less power over you. And almost always when you reveal something you’re scared to say, someone else says, ‘Oh, my God, I did the same thing,’ or ‘[That] happened to me.’ It suddenly takes all of the fear out of it.”

“Often what people don’t show is the most revealing [thing about them],” opined Adrian Grenier. “Based on what they reveal, and especially what they conceal and reveal to you, is an important part of a relationship.” As far as what he doesn’t want revealed? “I’ve worked hard to build a life where, while I have secrets, I try to keep them at a minimum, and be as candid and open to people so they know what they’re getting.” Grenier is currently producing a documentary called “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale in the World.” “It’s a whale who speaks a different language and is not understood by the other whales,” he said. “It’s definitely a story I can relate to, being an outsider when I was younger, and I think a lot of people can understand what that’s like, to be the outcast, rejected or not understood.”

Doutzen Kroes, who appears with Charlie Hunnam in ads for both Reveal for Men and Reveal for Women (and, in fact, shot the ads when she was four months pregnant), revealed a perfect figure, just six weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Myllena Mae. Her secret? “I wish I could say, but I think it’s the healthy lifestyle I have all my life,” she said, adding that even as a child she cycled 12 miles a day. “It’s part of my muscle memory and my genetics.” And no sibling rivalry — Kroes reported that her three-year-old-son, Phyllon, couldn’t be more excited about the new addition.

The evening featured a surprise performance by Iggy Azalea, who was joined by Rita Ora on stage. Those bopping along in the audience included Joe Jonas, Amber Heard, Hanneli Mustaparta, Vanessa Axente, Ben Watts and Hailey Baldwin.

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