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On any other occasion, drinking aboard a New York Water Taxi would be met with a violation of the ferry’s rules. But on Monday night, when Cartier hired a fleet of black cars, then ferries, then branded trolleys to escort guests to a makeshift structure on Governors Island for the Résonances de Cartier Launch gala, regulations went out the window. It’s Cartier, after all — cue the Champagne.

The jeweler lured Carey Mulligan, Sofia Coppola, Diane Kruger, Martha Stewart, Sofia Boutella, Jason Wu, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, Arthur Elgort, Jessica Hart, David Neville and Gucci Westman, Jill Kargman, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Carolyn Murphy and more out across New York Harbor for an evening of dinner and live music from Andra Day, Jon Batiste and, yes, Grandmaster Flash.

“Oh, it was fine,” said Stewart of her ferry ride over, which she noted was not her first. “Oh yeah. I go around here. But I take boats too.” An inkling tells us such boats are a tad fancier than the yellow water taxi she rode over on.

As for jewelry? “I wear very little jewelry. I’m a plain Jane,” Stewart claimed. Mostly sentimental pieces? “No.” Costume jewelry, then? “No, real things. Real diamonds, real pearls. That’s all I wear. Real diamonds and pearls. And gold.” Pause. “And real Cartier.”

“The trolley was quite interesting,” Boutella said. “I’ve been on a few boats — I’m not very good with boats, usually. I pulled through. I don’t usually feel safe.”

“I haven’t taken the ferry in like…I think ever. Not in recent memory,” said Wu. “I was like, ‘If we’re going to do a ferry and a bus, let’s do Cartier.’”

“It was awesome, we got Champagne split so I’m a pig in s–t,” said Kargman of the ride. “I’m pretty sure [Champagne on a ferry] is illegal in most states.”

The “Odd Mom Out” creator chose a midcalf velvet dress for the evening, with a little help from adhesive undergarments. “I’m wearing my first boob tape and I already survived a ferry sneeze,” she said. “So we’re good — I’m intact.”

Cartier ambassador Bianca Brandolini said that despite being a jewelry girl, she usually dresses from the clothes up — unless, of course, Cartier is involved.

“If there’s a specific piece that I want to wear or they want me to wear, I’ll pick the dress for the necklace,” she said. “I knew I wanted to wear a nice important necklace [tonight] so I asked to see many of them.”

No plain Jane there.

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