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Buff, bare-chested men in sequined white hot pants and furry hats and boots; Amanda Lepore as Santa Claus; men dressed as over-sized stuffed animals: the Chandelier Creative agency’s Thursday night bash in its penthouse offices wasn’t your run-of-the-mill holiday endeavor. A man dressed as a shark greeted guests like Lorenzo Martone, ThreeAsFour’s Ange, Adi and Gabi and Jen Brill with a sign instructing them to “Make Out with Somebody Tonight” and there was a good chance of that considering the flowing champagne and titillating activity options. In one room, girls in itty bitty mini-skirts and white sequined bikini tops handed out cotton candy and hot dogs as Lepore held court — quite literally — on a red tufted throne decked out with gold palm trees, offering her lap up to both the naughty and nice. Next door, there was a live auction of works by the likes of Thomas Shenk, Kanji Ishii, Lorenzo Martone and Douglas Friedman (proceeds went to the New Museum) and, more suggestively, a peep show of nude interns: $5 or a raffle ticket (also benefiting the museum, ahh charity) granted voyeurs a chance to peek through holes in a black wall and watch interns in their birthday suits photo-copying their assets.


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“It feels dirty!” said Peter Som, considering whether he should pony up. “My interns are chained to a radiator working.”


“New York has so many fantastic interns who are willing to please,” smiled Chandelier’s founder Richard Christiansen.


One lone man represented the more well-behaved side of holiday spirits. In a corner by the door, a beefy fellow dressed as an angel complete with white wings hung from a metal harness attached to one of the ceiling’s beams. Was he really as goodly as his costume suggested?


“Not by most standards,” he said. “But I can pretend for three hours.”

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