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Some time after midnight on Thursday at the Boom Boom Room, Lindsay Lohan grew upset with a photographer who had snapped an unauthorized picture of her. Standing up in her booth, the actress grabbed the nearest thing on hand, a glass, and flipped it at the picture taker to get his attention. With Champagne on the ground and on the snap-happy partygoer’s shoulder, and her end achieved, Lohan wagged a finger and shook her head in disapproval. And a hundred thumbs took to their Twitter feeds.

The mini commotion felt somewhat appropriate given the party: V magazine’s black-and-white ball where the dress code had advised female party goers to channel their inner Elizabeth Taylor. Though glass flinging may not have been in the Taylor repertoire, the recently deceased actress, a one-time child star herself and no stranger to offstage drama, at the very least knew how to act out a fit. Usher, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Rachel Zoe all turned out for the party, as did Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Karlie Kloss and Lindsey Wixson.

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Crystal Renn went all in on the dress code, donning a “Cleopatra”-inspired wig and eye makeup.

“I do love a character,” Renn said. “And ‘Cleopatra?’ I had to do the eye shadow look.…Of all of Elizabeth Taylor’s looks, it’s my favorite.…I like anything that’s a bit over the top.”

Across the room, Rose McGowan was upset that she had missed an earlier (and unrelated) viewing of Taylor’s personal wardrobe at The Pierre hotel.

“But I figure Liz Taylor would be proud of that being that I don’t believe she was the timely sort,” McGowan said.

The festivities came to a pause shortly after 1 a.m. when an injured partier was seen bleeding from her arm. Medics attended to her as the lights came on, the music stopped and most revelers headed for the exits. This being the Boom Boom Room, some stragglers stuck around for the hubbub to die down and the party continued about half an hour later.

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