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Celebrities and their diamonds. Mariah Carey wears them in the bathtub. Beyoncé wears them on regular outings. Most people would probably say they reserve diamonds for special occasions, but when you’re as famous as Zendaya and Chrissy Teigen, “special occasions” occur quite frequently.

Teigen and Zendaya helped celebrate the launch of Forevermark’s Tribute Collection at West Edge in Chelsea on Tuesday night. They were joined by Ashley Graham, Freida Pinto, Coco Rocha, Halima Aden and Chloë Grace Moretz — all of whom Forevermark views as strong, independent and unique. Kind of like diamonds.

When asked whether or not she thinks diamonds require a special occasion, Teigen joked, “Somewhere in between Mariah Carey bathtub and special occasion.” She said that while a diamond necklace “definitely requires a special occasion,” diamond studs can be worn every day. “My stylist Monica [Rose] and I, we love to stack and layer jewelry and that tends to be the little tiny diamonds all the time. So, yes those can be every day, but I usually reserve the big necklaces for an event.”

The first time Teigen wore a diamond was “definitely after I met John [Legend],” her husband. She and Legend were in Italy for the men’s collections and Teigen had been loaned jewelry and clothing. “I remember it being the most amazing feeling on the planet,” she recalled. “You just feel like a princess. I didn’t get to keep that, but after we returned from our trip, John got me a beautiful diamond necklace that I still have. It’s broken to, like, eight pieces now and I keep saying I’m gonna fix it, but I keep forgetting because I keep it in a keepsake box.

It’s so delicate, it was held together by very thin pieces of silver or something,” she continued. “Not growing up wearing jewelry, you don’t really know how to treat it. You don’t know how precious all of it is. I didn’t take good enough care of it, but he knows I still have it.

Pinto shared that the first time she wore diamonds was almost 10 years ago. “I grew up in India where gold is more revered than diamonds,” she said. “I was gifted a beautiful set of jewelry back in 2007 or 2008. That would be my prized possession. On photo shoots, I would always get diamonds. I come from a very gold culture.”

The first diamond Ashley Graham was ever gifted was her wedding ring from Justin Ervin. “People have these stories of getting diamonds when they’re young, but I was such a tomboy that I never got diamonds when I was so young,” she said. “Honestly, the first diamond I’ve ever owned is my wedding ring.…Every time I look at it I go, ‘Oh my God, this is so expensive and if I ever lost this he would kill me.’”

Graham added that she’s a fan of the “high-low situation” when it comes to luxury gems. “When a woman can wear diamonds with sweatpants and a sweatshirt and some Yeezys or something, that’s hot.”

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