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NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: Coach took over the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday evening to fete its collaboration with French specialty retailer, Colette.

The event was meant to be “a party for adults, feeling like kids,” according to Colette creative director Sarah Andelman.

Guests including Lexi Boling, Natasha Lyonne and Rose McGowan were treated to face painting, photo booths, buffets of neon-colored candy and carnival food. Deliberately flouting fashion-type dietary preferences, there was nary a source of protein in sight.

The museum’s famous lobby and halls of wildlife dioramas were open for guests to roam at whim. The entryway’s famous dinosaur sculptures proved a logical decor tie-in with the Coach x Colette prehistoric motif. Much of their codesigned items feature the Coach dinosaur mascot named Rexy.

“Rexy has become a real mascot of Coach, we were really excited when Sarah said she wanted to do something based around him,” said Coach creative director Stuart Vevers. “I don’t think you could get a better venue for our project,” he added of the space.

“I love it here, I wonder for New Yorkers if you come often,” Andelman said of the museum. “For Parisians, it’s really, really special.”