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Coach hosted a suite of PYTs in its front row Tuesday afternoon for its spring 2018 show, from its new face and collaborator Selena Gomez to Emma Roberts. Among them was the photographer-slash-model Petra Collins, who said this fashion week has been “really chill, it’s been fun. It’s been great because the weather is supernice, so I can wear whatever.”

Collins, attending with her sister Anna, noted that given the current political landscape, “It’s important to balance fashion and the world at large. I’m constantly thinking about that in my work also – it’s so important to balance the two.”

Roberts waxed effusive about the Coach brand: “This is my first show [this week] — my first and last. I love coming to the Coach show. Every year just gets better and better. The music is always good, the sets get better and better. I just want everything that comes down the runway.”

Roberts says that she likes Coach for its versatility. “I like it because you can wear it to events and to a friend’s barbecue. Everything is so wearable for so many events in your life and there are very few brands you could say that about.”