Siobhan Bell at the Colmar dinner

Technical sportswear pieces fit surprisingly well at Annabel’s, the member’s only club in London’s Mayfair, on Sunday night. It was a family affair as the Colombo family, founders of the brand, had flown in from Italy to toast their newly opened flagship in Covent Garden.

“It’s great to have a store in London, it’s a market that we want to break into as we don’t have a presence here yet,” said Carlo Colombo.

“The market is tough and there’s a lot of competition, but we’re confident that the brand can grow and attract local and international clientele as not only do we have great sportswear but urbanwear,” he said.

The brand is already attracting the right kind of people with Olivia Palermo, influencer and model Doina Ciobanu, Caroline Vreeland and DJ Siobhan Bell in attendance.

Vreeland and Bell rocked their cropped and structured ski jackets in bright pink and black. “I’m wearing the jacket from the Colmar x Shayne Oliver collaboration, I just love mountain wear,” said Bell, who’s pretty much a part of the family, as she DJ’ed at their last event in Milan.

It’s one of the few nights she’s had off as she mentioned that she’s skipping London Fashion Week this season to prepare for her upcoming music tour.

“But I’m definitely going to men’s, I love men’s wear and I’m excited to see what it has to offer,” she said.

Palermo has a full schedule. “I’m going to Paris and Milan after London, I’m really excited for them both, especially Paris as there’s always great things to see there,” she said.

She’s a front row fixture at the shows, and she’s also keeping busy by collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld, who has tapped Palermo to style his latest collection as well as co-create five designs.

Paris is on everyone’s radar. “We’re going to open a store in Paris next,” said Colombo on the brand’s future plans.