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Though a little more low-key than the Golden Globes, the Critic’s Choice Awards tend to be a more accurate indicator of the Academy Awards. You won’t, for example, see “The Tourist” getting nominated for an Oscar next Tuesday.


And even though most guests at the Hollywood Palladium veer a little more on the serious side with their dress choices, they still have to go through the process.


“I get ready for the red carpet like anything, start with deodorant and finish with hairspray!” said Amy Adams, who wore a printed Carolina Herrera cocktail dress.


“It’s so much easier for boys, I’ll put that out there,” said Jon Hamm, who sported a tan Tom Ford suit. “I pick a suit and I wear a suit and I put a tie on and I try not to make my hair look like an idiot and that’s kind of it. This is about as daring as it gets.”

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