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In the words of actress Mia Goth, director Gore Verbinski has gone “back to his roots” with his latest thriller, “A Cure for Wellness.” Goth, along with her costars, had come out to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema for a screening of the film on Monday Night, hosted by Prada with The Cinema Society. “To work on a movie (in a genre) that he helped define, back with ‘The Ring,’ that was very exciting to me,” she said.

The film is driven by Verbinski’s distinctive directing style, and the audio and visuals are disturbing, yet mesmerizing. The audience can’t help but stare. “We’re using sound and image to conduct a sort of experiment on the audience,” Verbinski said. “In ‘A Cure for Wellness,’ you’re in the theater watching Dane become a patient at this sanitarium, but really, you’re the patient.”

Dane DeHaan plays a young Wall Street executive named Lockhart, who finds himself stuck in an unconventional wellness center after a business venture goes awry. The film follows Lockhart as he attempts to unveil the secrets of the mysterious facility.

When asked about preparation for his role, DeHaan referenced the intensity of the Wall Street grind. “I started out by just kind of seeing what it was like to work on Wall Street as a young person, and how Lockhart spends his days,” he said. “And you know, that’s a really cutthroat, crazy environment, and one that Lockhart really thrives in, so that was a big key into the character.”

The environment of Wall Street may have been important for DeHaan, but actor Jason Isaacs, who plays the mastermind behind the wellness center, was impacted mostly by the set itself. “We shot in the creepiest, scariest place I’ve ever been in my life. It’s the most haunted building in Europe, and thousands of people have died there,” Isaacs explained, hands engaged in excitement. “During the First World War, Hitler did his rehab there, and then the Russians used it to turn political dissidents to fry their brains out until they were zombies, or drug them to death, and there’s been lots of mass murders there, so I picked up the atmosphere of where we were.”

The evening concluded with a gathering at a more upbeat venue — Mr. Purple, where partygoers drank themed Qui tequila cocktails called The Cure and Alpine Antidote. The specially named cocktails were well-suited for the event, as was DeHaan. He wore a teal fitted suit with a pair of patent leather dress shoes.

“I’m a huge ambassador for Prada,” DeHaan said as he boasted about the fashion house that hosted the event. “I just love their clothes. I think they fit me like a glove, and they’re super classic, but there’s also, like, an irony, and a sense of humor to them that always keeps them current and awesome and fun. You know, I’m their biggest fan.”

Of course he is.

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