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Darcy Miller booked the Jonathan Adler showroom on Oct. 25, filling the already whimsically decked space with glitter balloons, oversize illustrated cutouts, a silver sparkle nail polish manicure station, and stacks of her new book. “It’s a home store, so it’s like inviting people to your home without having to have it in your own living room,” said Miller, holding court by the elevators on the third-floor space. She had invited many of her nearest and dearest from the design world — Simon Doonan, Carolina Herrera, Andy Spade, Dylan Lauren — to help her celebrate the launch of “Celebrate Everything!” her party-planning guide, complete with a list of vendors and sources she’s used over the years.

“I’ve been throwing parties for a long time, and photographing them all, and I’ve always wanted to put them together in one place,” she explained. “It’s more about inspiring people to celebrate themselves, and to figure out how they celebrate. There are a lot of jumping-off points from lots of craft ideas and food. But it’s really about making people take the time to celebrate everything. It’s a lot of little things, from putting a candle in your pancakes at breakfast,” she continued. “The idea was that there’s really a range, no matter what kind of party, whether you have an election party or Halloween party.”

Two events that are, in fact, quickly approaching. “Halloween is multiple celebrations. We are already talking costumes, but we tend to do costumes closer to the end because we change our mind a lot. We’re working on it,” she said when asked what she had in the works, and offered cupcakes with spiders on them as a possible idea for the holiday.

“Of course, the most important part is celebrating with people you love…at the end of the day it’s really just about being together,” she added. “Every day is a party. There’s always a reason to celebrate.”

Cheers to that.

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