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“Diana, come, come sit in my lap.”

A man was beckoning Diana Widmaier-Picasso upstairs for dinner in Miami’s Design District on Tuesday night. It was an appropriate gesture for the evening, as YSL and W Magazine were hosting a dinner in celebration of “Desire,” an exhibit of work she had curated centered around the topic of — you guessed it — everything that is lustful and salacious.

Widmaier-Picasso had worked in collaboration with mega-gallerists Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch. “It’s been a huge privilege for me to work with the team,” she remarked before dinner. “I don’t think we expected to find so many artists wanting to collaborate. It was really wonderful to see this. Hopefully the exhibition will create a lot of surprise and engagement.”

Widmaier-Picasso has been coming to the fair for many years, but this is the first time she’s been involved in such an immersive way. “This time I’m really part of [the fair], so I’ve been very focused,” she explained. “I’m here for one week, which allowed me to spend more time in Miami. Miami when it’s not the art fair is a different Miami. It was even more meaningful for me to be able to participate in this district.”

The dinner brought out many of art’s heavy hitters — including two other famous-artist grandchildren, Bernard Ruiz Picasso and Alexander S. C. Rowerand mega art collector Craig Robins, who was responsible for developing the room the crowd was sitting in.

“I think its fantastic,” remarked artist Mickalene Thomas, who had just come from seeing the exhibit across the street. “The only problem is I wasn’t in it, but that’s OK. I love when you have people curating shows that you don’t expect, and to see what they’re thinking about and how they bring artists together, and a discourse of composition. That’s the best part.”

Nearby, rapper Travis Scott was busy milling about. “Saint Laurent hit me up for this campaign, so I’m just supporting and cool,” Scott, one of the brand’s campaign faces, explained in passing of his presence at the event. He tracked down Martha Stewart during dinner to snag a selfie, an appropriate move given his proclaimed objective for the week.

“I’m looking to find new ideas for my home,” he said.


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