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It was a strange choice of venue: 2 East 63rd Street is a stately limestone town house, like those one associates with the more moneyed tracts of the Upper East Side. Parties in this neighborhood tend to be relatively sedate. An overserved dinner at the Carlyle or a bunch of 15-year-old Chapin girls swigging table wine while their parents are in the Maldives is about as wild as it gets. So when Diesel decided to throw its store opening party — guaranteed to reach full-blown rager status — there, it struck most as odd. But maybe that was the point.

“I decided to hire two years ago Nicola Formichetti because the brand was tired. This year is Diesel’s 38th anniversary [and] I wanted to refresh the brand, so we hired Nicola to give a new freshness,” the brand’s owner Renzo Rosso shouted over the thumping “Gangsta’s Paradise.” The manse — lit up in various shades of neon — was teeming with pierced and tatted-up club kids (aka Diesel diehards) and a sprinkling of celebrities, Naomi Campbell and Adrien Brody among them. “I passed him the DNA of the brand, what it means to be Diesel. You can see today the clothes are much more beautiful. Now we are positioning Diesel to be democratic but luxury. Madison Avenue is more elevated, more who we want to be. It’s a beautiful refreshing of the brand.”

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