During the opening party to fete Dior’s new in-store boutique at San Francisco’s Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday morning, Katie Traina and cohost Victoire Reynal Brown huddled in one corner, discussing one of the sartorial challenges of living in this laid-back city: daytime dressing.

“This isn’t a dressy city,” said Reynal Brown. Added Traina: “We do have a lot of evening events, and that’s easy to dress for. I can do cocktail and I can do casual, but the daytime lunch thing? It’s more difficult.”

In their view, it’s all about finding the perfect coat. Cohost Alexis Traina seemed to agree and zeroed in on one, a wool scarlet car coat from the fall collection. “These beautiful silhouettes feel so fresh,” she said.

An hour into the party, which drew the likes of Stephanie Ejabat, Sloan Barnett, Jacqueline Sacks, Summer Walker, Pam Baer and Deepa Pakianathan, it was clear that this wasn’t one of those shopping events that are just about the open bar.

Women were practically lining up in front of the dressing room (the size of a New York City studio apartment) and lingered inside the boutique, which was painted that familiar shade of Dior gray. Hardly anyone went away without a shopping bag in hand.

“There are so many good layering pieces here,” said Tatum Getty, a recent arrival to San Francisco from Los Angeles. “That’s what I’ve picked up so far in San Francisco. It’s classic, a little more conservative and all about layering.”

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