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WWD photographer Steve Eichner sees it all and shares his unique perspective from the front lines of New York Fashion Week, from the runways in the morning to the after parties and after after parties at night.

Day 1: Sept. 4

BCBG Max Azria Show

9:53 a.m.: Thank god! I see the glass-cased fridge full of free Illy iced coffee. I’m gonna be drinking a lot of these this week!

10:03 a.m.: “Leftovers!” I say to Emily Meade. “I watch the show.” I turn to the girl next to her: “And you are?” “Amanda Crew from ‘Silicon Valley.’” “Oh yeaahhh, I watch that show, too.” She tells me she’s the one girl on the show. “The one HOT girl on the show.”

10:16 a.m.:
“Shake the fringe, shake the fringe,” I say as I snap a girl who I’m told is J-A-M-I-E C-H-U-N-G. “What does she do?” “She’s a TV personality. ‘Real World…” Jamie jumps in, “Definitely not! Let’s drop that ‘Real World.’ I’m in ‘Sin City 2,’ ‘The Hangover 2,’ ‘Sucker Punch.’”

10:17 a.m.: “Fashion history was made,” Fern Mallis says sincerely of her interview with Bill Cunningham at the YMCA the night before. “People were crying, Bill was crying. He spoke for two hours. He talked about this Dior suit that Jackie Kennedy wore to the funeral. It was red and she sent it to Bill to dye black.”

Richard Chai Love

10:56 a.m.: One of the Jonas brothers. Don’t ask me which one.

10:57 a.m.:
“Who is that?” “Hannah Simone, ‘That New Girl.” She’s new? “No, that’s the name of the show she stars in.”

11:05 a.m.: Overheard: “Who’s he? Who’s she? Everyone should wear f—ing name tags.”

11:35 a.m.: “I think I left my underwear on your seat,” I joke as I collect a few pairs of the mens’ boxer briefs that were a gift on the seats at the show. They may come in handy this week!

Jay Godfrey Presentation

2:37 a.m.:
Backstage to shoot the collection. The first model steps onto the seamless they have conveniently set up for me. “OK. Can you step back a bit?” I tell her. Crash! Bang! Boom! She fell down. Oops — not that far back.

Street Fashion Shoot at Lincoln Center

4:07 p.m.: “Nice nose ring!”

4:15 p.m.: Girl with a purse shaped like a camera. “Hold it up like you’re taking a photo.” Snap, snap.

4:37 p.m.: “It’s so hot out here,” says a gorgeous, fashionable woman licking her ice cream cone. Perfect shot to capture the mood of the day!

4:49 p.m.: “Working the streets,” Mickey Boardman of Paper Mag quips. “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.”

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Costume Institute at the Museum of Modern Art

6:03 p.m.: Photo op with Anna Wintour and Wendi Murdoch happens in front of the Alpheus and Arethusa Marble statue. Hmmm. To crop the nudes out or NOT to crop the nudes out?

6:05 p.m.: Well, I like to stay on theme. Hamish Bowles with Bacchus.

6:27 p.m.: A shaved head Hugh Jackman, an unexpected guest. Damn. Can’t he take at least one pic without his wife?

6:46 p.m.: “Saw the pictures. Thanks for making me look great!” Prabal Gurung exclaims about last night’s event at Gracie Mansion.

7:08 p.m.:
Pop a goat cheese ball into my mouth. Unexpectedly pleasant surprise: a grape in the center. Better than a Tootsie Pop!

Altuzarra for Target party

7:44 p.m.:
In a cab running a bit late. I hear breaking news: Betsey Johnson will be on “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s about time they had a cart wheeler.

8:03 p.m.: “The talent is done on the red carpet and you don’t have inside access,” I’m told by the clipboard-wielding attendant. “Naomi over here!” I grab a few frames as she’s finishing her drive-by. “Let me get blah-blah p.r. person,” the attendant says, and tells me I can go in but Keri Russell just left. Argh. In the 15 minutes I spent waiting to get in, I could have gotten my key shots.

8:08 p.m.: Inside finally. This place looks like a crazy funhouse with mirrors and lights everywhere. It’s making me dizzy. I locate Joseph Altuzarra. Great double image of him in the mirror.

8:35 p.m.:
“Are you the photographer?” Yeaaaa? “I have Liberty Ross here.” OK, at least I got something.

Purple magazine party at Narcissa

8:56 p.m.: “Let me guess,  you’re models?” to a table of four models.

9:06 p.m.: Me: “Where have you been, have not seen you in a while?” Byrdie Bell: “I just moved back from L.A. I’m glad to be back. We have known each other a long time.” Me: “Yes! I discovered you AND Olivia Palermo.”

9:11 p.m.:
“Where’s the bar?” I look up: Lars Ulrich of Metallica and his fiancée model Jessica Miller. “It’s over there,” she says. “He’ll join you.”

9:27 p.m.: Jessica Joffe wasn’t ever really my type. Until now. Sitting on a table her long legs and short shorts, ooh la la.

10:19 p.m.: “I love the just-cried look of smudged eyeliner,” I think out loud looking at Sky Ferreira. “Hey Sky, stand up, let me get a full-length with those crystal boots.”

10:31 p.m.: I hear the food is good here so I decide to sit with my photog friend Hannah and eat. As our meals arrive, The Standard’s Joey Jalleo pops by. “A lot of this food comes from André’s [Balazs] farm in upstate in Rhinebeck,” he says. “We all go up and ride ATVs. Chickens everywhere. In fact, this place is named after the head cow, Narcissa!”

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