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WWD photographer Steve Eichner sees it all and shares his unique perspective from the front lines of New York Fashion Week — from the runways in the morning to the after parties and after-after parties at night.

Victoria Beckham Show

9:42 a.m.: Very classy. Very British. Waiters serving hot tea at the entrance of this spectacular venue, the Cunard Building — ornate frescos on the ceiling, grand arches and streams of light beaming in through the windows.

10:17 a.m.: The Beckham family minus Vic take their seats. Romeo looks so grown up and handsome. A very organized photo op takes place and the show commences.

Derek Lam Show

12:08 p.m.: I have an idea for a trend: colorful furs! I get to work on that. There are lots at this show. I got it! Let’s call it COLOFURLS!


12:38 p.m.: A group of street-style photographers is huddled together like penguins in the frigid temperatures. So glad I’m not on that beat today.

12:58 p.m.: What happened to your hair, Zendaya?

1:31 p.m.:
Fashion show observation: long, overextended sleeves seem to be a thing this season.

Yigal Azrouël Show

2:04 p.m.: It’s extremely dark inside the venue. “Good thing I have eyes like a cat,” I purr to “Oh Land” as I shoot her.

DVF Show

5:05 p.m.: “Hold my mic please,” June Ambrose says as I motion for her to pose. “Double duty,” I crack. Yeah, poser and TV host.

5:47 p.m.: I get on line after the show to add value to my Metrocard. I see Tim Schifter in line ahead of me. I’m impressed — no car service? No Uber? That guy has to be a multimillionaire.

6:12 p.m.: “Hey Steve!” Bill Cunningham spots me as we are exiting the E train. “No bike Bill? Too cold?” I ask him. “No, too windy. I couldn’t ride, I was pushing it,” He responds. “Going to Prabal?” I ask. “Yes, but let’s get a cup of coffee before the show,” he suggests. A CUP OF COFFEE WITH BILL CUNNINGHAM!!!! I MEAN, REALLY!!!! WOW!!!!!! Sure, Bill! “There’s a Starbucks across the street,” I point out. “I don’t do Starbucks, too yuppy,” he says. I see another coffee place. “Lets go there?” “OK, kid!”  Once we get there, he orders a cup of decaf while slowly looking over the pastries in the display. He decides on a brownie, then hands me $10 and insists on paying. We sit and talk about the old garment center; the Alexander Wang show “so far away and it was just a black hole when I got there,” he says; WWD and the old days. So many things. I make a point of not looking at my phone and enjoy every second. After about 20 minutes he pulls out his ladybug pocket watch. “So nice to be able to just sit and talk,” he smiles widely. When it’s finally time to go, we’re bundling up when Bill says, “A guy in the art department at the Times lent this leather jacket to me and on this outer jacket the zipper broke, won’t zip. Would it kill you to buy a new one?” he asks himself rhetorically.

“I’m the same way, Bill. The pull bar on my zipper broke and I used a paperclip to replace it. Look!” We laugh. We look for a cab but decide to start walking the last three blocks in the wind. I’m savoring every step and word. I mean, this guy’s the master. We arrive at the Prabal show. “Hi, Bill, come right in,” the PR gal beckons.. “Steve, you have to go around back to the press check-in.” Exactly how it should be.

Opening Ceremony Presentation and Party

7:49 p.m.: Skateboarding photography as art. Spike Jonze’s work is splattered all over the walls of the gallery space. Platforms in the center have models wearing the looks. Photographs and Kodak logos on the garments. I feel at home.

8:10 p.m.: Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” blasts through the speakers and Rosario Dawson adds to the rad vibe by singing into her water bottle like a microphone.

Public School/Prabal Gurung joint afterparty at Queen of the Night

12:13 a.m.: Rockin’ party, but not much on the celebrity front. Gotta get my key shot of all three designers together. I find Maxwell and he’s keen. I follow him in search of Dao and Prabal. Into the VIP area. He climbs over a banquette onto a table towering over the crowd, then under a rope and I follow all the way. Finally, Max sees the guys. They mug and I shoot. What a weird but fun way to make a living.

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