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From 9 a.m. presentations to 3 a.m. shenanigans at the hottest spots of the season, Steve Eichner, WWD nightlife photographer extraordinaire, sees it all through his viewfinder during fashion week. Follow along this season with his daily diary, Eichner’s Eye.

September 11, 2013

Bibhu Mohapatra runway show
9:16 a.m.
K-9 unit sniffs front row.

9:17 a.m. Voices from photo riser:
“Who was that Olivia person backstage?”
“You mean Olivia Palermo?”
“Yeah. What’s she famous for?”
“Being rich and dressing well.”

Michael Kors runway show
9:50 a.m.
“That’s Michael’s mom. The blonde with the ponytail.”

9:57 a.m.
Blaine Trump flashes her “Paws Cares” T-shirt.

10:21 a.m. Plop down in the aisle to capture the show. Directly across from me two of the greats — Mario Testino and Terry Richardson — talking shop.

Fashion Café
10:51 a.m. Having a snack and reiterating my amusement of the phenomenon of beautiful Chinese actresses arriving to shows with a personal entourage of press and handlers.

Proenza Schouler runway show
11:22 a.m.
“You’re there when I arrive and when I leave,” I say, passing through the doors.
“Yeah, the hours are long,” a familiar security face replies.
“Are you on the job?” I inquire.
“Yeah, but this is vacation money.”

12:19 p.m. Amber Valletta selfie with Liv Tyler.

12:21 p.m. Nice shorts, Juergen [Teller].

12:28 p.m. Is this really my life? Bill Cunningham observes me looking for a place to shoot the show. He points out the end of a bench, but there’s only enough room for one cheek, so I wave it off. He stands up in front of everyone and directs the whole bench to scoot to the right for me. Two cheeks.

Jeremy Scott runway show
3:16 p.m.
Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite shows of the season. It’s young, sexy, fun, exciting. He’s come a long way since his cheerleader show days. Wait a minute…did I say that?!

3:32 p.m. Grill it up. A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman flash gold fangs.

3:56 p.m. Show ends, a swirl of Minaj knocks over anything in its path.

Marchesa runway show
4:48 p.m.
Leave subway, hit brick wall of heat and humidity. Walk six steamy blocks to the wrong address.

5:02 p.m. Walking — OK, running — nine blocks to the correct address.

5:14 p.m. Arrive to the classiest show of the season a hot, sweaty mess.

5:20 p.m. “It’s so beautiful.” Gina Gershon declares to Lake Bell as she flashes a ring.
“Are you engaged?” I ask.
“Actually, I just got married. And my husband is doing tattoos on the models for this show.”
“Double congratulations to you.”

5:37 p.m. Handing card to runner, “Did you get to see the show?”
“No. They wouldn’t let me in.”
I hand her a Marchesa perfume that was on my chair.
“If you can’t see it, at least you can smell it.”

7:07 p.m. In taxi. Received text.
Office: “Do you still have the card from Marchesa?”
Me: “No, I gave it to Sara (the runner). Did she not deliver it?”
Office: “No she didn’t, just got a hold of her, she has it still. She’s coming back to the office.”
Me: “Tell her I want the Marchesa perfume back. And I’m calling her out in Eichner’s Eye.”
Office: “Haha! Yes! She went all the way home to Poughkeepsie with the card.”

Margiela x Converse Party
7:27 p.m. “Oh f–k, it’s milk!” Nicola Formichetti touching the sneaker display.

7:28 p.m. Damn. Those Asian soy noodles are spicy.

8:34 p.m. Always have earplugs. Fashion week tip.

Pre-Purple Party
10:32 p.m. Waiting for the Purple Party.

Purple Magazine Party @ Top of the Standard
11:21 p.m. Great view. Photograph the beams of light commemorating 9/11. Lest we forget.

11:34 p.m. A tale of two celebrities.
Lindsay Lohan:
“Hi Lindsay, how do you feel about photos tonight?”
“A little bit later, I’ll let you know when.“
Leonardo DiCaprio:
Remembering my last Boom Boom Room encounter with him, when I put on my paparazzi hat. “I’m NOT doing photos tonight!” he said, wrapping his arm around my waist and firmly pounding my kidneys. I decide to leave him alone this time.

12:01 a.m. “Ready to do some photos?” I ask Lindsay.
“A little bit later. I’ll let you know”
F–k it: Snap snap.

1:39 a.m. “I heard the waves are gonna be good this weekend,” Yigal Azrouël smiles.

2:04 a.m. #ImCooked


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