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WWD photographer Steve Eichner sees it all and shares his unique perspective from the front lines of New York Fashion Week, from the runways in the morning to the after parties and after-after parties at night.

Michael Kors

9:54 am.: Patrick McMullan is posing DJ Mad Marge.  “Turn this way,” he directs. She looks at the pic. “I look a little broad in that one,” she sighs. I take over the directing. “Ok, hand on your hip, cross your ankles, straighten your back.” “I’m gonna look like a size two after this,” she says.
10:13 am.: “Where’s Chastain?  Where’s Chastain?” Olivia Munn is yelling while waiting to sit front row.
10:44 am.: Six inch heals and stairs don’t mix… A lady falls down leaving the show.
10:46 am.: “What did you think of the show?” I’m asked. “Kinda plain and simple,” I respond. “You’re right,” they say. I’m getting better at this.
10:47 am.: It’s a bit hot for leather overalls Danielle Bernstein.
Jeremy Scott
12:23 pm.: I hear Miley Cyrus has designed all of the accessories for the show. Does that mean all of the models will be wearing pasties? Yay!!!
12:31 pm.: The press check-in for this show is a cattle call. Huge line. This sucks.


12:50 pm.: “This is no way to treat professionals. We have been working all week, we have other shows. You’re treating us like animals,” one photographer shouts. Bravo! We all cheer.

12:58 pm.: A guy with an “Eat s–t and die” shirt gives me the finger.


1:21 pm.: Gotta get my Miley shot and run to the next show. I feel disappointed because this is my favorite show of the season. So much attitude and point of view and sexiness. Her Twerkness appears from the backstage – things are about to get out of control when Kelly Cutrone takes charge. “I got this,” she says to security, then stops Miley, who attitudinizes with her Polaroid camera.
Hugo Boss

1:51 pm.: A quick sniff from the police dog and up to the show on the 54th floor of the still unfinished 4 World Trade Center. Spectacular views of the memorial a day before 9/11.
1:54 pm.: “Hugo Boss must have really deep pockets, they are getting paid around 80K each,” a friends says, referring to Justin Theroux and Kate Bosworth.  “Zoe Saldana is way pregnant so she probably getting more.”
Jeffrey Kalinsky Portrait shoot
6:37 pm.: “I covered the opening of this store. You were the first to open in Meatpacking. There was still rivers of blood in the street,” I say to get a smile out of him.
Proenza Schouler

8:03 pm.: “Let’s get Rachel and Rachel together” – [Zoe and Feinstein]
8:05 pm.: Rachel Chandler. Hmmm. Naw.
8:17 pm.: Pre-show powwow with Bill Cunningham. “Any parties tonight young fella?” “Yes, Jeremy Scott.” “Suzy [Menkes] told me it’s the best show, but I never get invited,” he admits sadly.
8:20 pm.: “I’m going to make a video for social media,” I explain to Lizzy Chapman. Awkward. Me not her.
Jeremy Scott After Party at Space Ibiza
10:33 pm.: Good thing I got here early.The door is already starting to become a shit show.
10:36 pm.: Fashion week tip – always carry ear plugs.

10:46 pm.: I’m in the VIP area camping out here. I text my editor.
11:11 pm.: Dascha Polanco sporting silver hair and in tight sexy dress and  Taryn Manning all made up in a flower blouse. I make my way over. I position them with the club’s lights and mirror balls behind, drag the shutter and make a beautiful image.
11:27 pm.: What the hell is Whoopi [Goldberg] doing here???
11:51 pm.: “This is fashion,” says a girl wearing a Moschino handbag over her breasts.
12:11 pm.: The designer arrives and pushes his way through to the DJ booth.
12:47 pm.: Miley’s Instagram has a pic of her on a private jet. Guess she’s not coming.
12:56 pm.: My old friend Jeffery Jah, one of the owners of Space Ibiza greets me. “I can’t believe we are still doing this,” I scream over the music. “Skrillex is on at 2:30, I won’t be here,” he shouts. Neither will I.

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