Callum TurnerNew York Premiere of "The Only Living Boy in New York", New York, USA - 07 Aug 2017

British actor Callum Turner is the star of Mark Webb’s latest film, “The Only Living Boy in New York,” which had its New York premiere Monday night at MoMA with an afterparty nearby at the Rainbow Room. The 27-year-old actor, who has previously fronted Burberry campaigns, discussed filming in New York, learning from his costars, and dealing with nerves.

He has many mentors in the industry: “As your journey goes on, you’re continuously learning from everyone. I learned the same amount from Kate [Beckinsale], from Kiersy [Clemons], from Cynthia [Nixon], from Mark [Webb], from Jeff [Bridges], from Pierce [Brosnan], and everyone I work with.”

He deals with nerves in a healthy way: “Jeff [Bridges] and I talked a lot about nerves. Actors are riddled with them. And we made friends with them. It was the first time I ever managed to do that, and a unique situation for me to actually confront them — but in a nice way, in a friendly way. Being like, ‘Hey, I see you, it’s OK. It’s cool, come out, come out, come out.’ It’s cool to be nervous, and how the nerves come out sideways. That’s why some actors scream their heads off, or it comes out in their hair.”

Callum Hearts New York: “This is my second film here. I love the city. I love going back as much as possible.”

He also loves tennis: “I played tennis at underneath — Brooklyn Bridge? Manhattan Bridge? Williamsburg Bridge? There are courts on the Manhattan side. I was basically shooting five days a week; I was in every single day from like 6-8. On set I’d do nothing — watch films — and then Sunday play tennis.”

He’s joining a popular franchise: “At the moment I’m doing ‘Fantastic Beasts [and Where to Find Them 2].’ Which is a real privilege to be part of something like that.”

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