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PARIS — It was a love-in on Thursday evening at the W Hotel here, where Thierry Lasry and Garrett Leight celebrated their third and final limited edition collaboration and Lasry’s partnership with the hotel, located a stone’s throw from the opera house.

The eyewear makers finished each other’s sentences as they recalled their first meeting at a Paris trade show three years ago.

“I really had, like, an intention to buy his collection so I dressed extra special cool that day — I know what I was wearing and everything – and I walked by, we kind of locked eyes and then we walked over and we started talking,” recalled Leight.

“After literally three minutes, I think, it was, like, ‘You and I, we need to work together.’ We got along, like, instantly,” chimed in Lasry.

Guests including Anna Cleveland, Caroline Vreeland, Catherine Baba, Yazbukey and Ali Mahdavi joined the pair and artist Amit Greenberg, who designed the packaging for their latest collaboration, for drinks at the hotel’s Bar Brûlé.

Its “Suite Wonder — Thierry Lasry” package, available until Dec. 31, includes a one-night stay in an Extreme Wow suite, breakfast for two, two pairs of Thierry Lasry sunglasses in exclusive designs, a chance to sample a “Sexxxy by Thierry Lasry” cocktail and a Paris-New York guide listing the designer’s favorite spots.

The hotel’s two Extreme Wow suites also feature a dressing box showcasing 12 different styles of Lasry sunglasses that guests can borrow during their stay.

Not to be outdone, Leight said he had a similar agreement with the W in South Beach in Miami that allows guests to rent Garrett Leight glasses at the pool. “Often we kind of interwine, and it’s awesome. I didn’t make a drink though. I’m not a big drinker. I want a drink now — I might call the W and say, ‘I want a cocktail,’” he mused.