Chloe x Halle at Made with Code

On Tuesday afternoon at Milk Studios in Chelsea, Chloe x Halle, the teenage sister duo fresh off touring with Beyoncé, joined Google’s Made With Code to encourage teen girls around the country to start coding. The program, which launched in 2014, is a nonprofit initiative that aims to inspire young girls to make a difference through code.

The event Tuesday brought together mentor group Black Girls Rock, the Bronx Community Charter School and the Frederick Douglass Academy. And while lessons from the Google team was the focus, excitement around meeting Chloe and Halle was hard to miss.

The musical sisters, who performed last week during NYFW at Tory Burch’s private dinner, greeted the group in song before expressing excitement about their part in the coding movement. The sisters know a thing or two about the power of technology: They were discovered on YouTube.

“Technology has played such a big part in our lives being young musicians and young girls,” said Halle. “We just want to learn, but also we want to take it into our own hands and do it at our own pace.”

Code-powered social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook help the sisters raise awareness and communicate with their fans.  “I’m on all of those all the time,” Chloe said. “We get to interact with beautiful people and raise awareness for what we truly believe in like racial injustice and gender equality. Without code, we would not be able to raise our voices the way we do, we would not be able to make music the way we do.”

Google believes that the sisters are the perfect role models for young girls growing up in a world dominated by social media, given that they themselves are teenage girls enthusiastic about social impact.  According to Google, Chloe is also in the process of taking a coding class herself to learn website design.

“It’s just young girls coming together and learning how to do something that is so male-dominated,” Halle said. “But we can get in there and we can put our voices up as young females.”