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Before Tuesday’s screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the latest superhero-themed juggernaut from Marvel Comics, Lee Pace’s publicist was preemptively banning questions asking for “funny stories on set”; Zoe Saldana was not to be asked about her pregnancy, and Vin Diesel, up since 7:30 a.m., was said to be running low on fuel.

Then there was Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quinn aka “Star Lord,” the film’s reigning protagonist. Star Lord was notably chipper despite being in the thick of the promo circuit in advance of the movie’s wider release on Friday.

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“I was a comic [book] fan. I was mostly a fan of the drawings and artwork, so I collected some as a kid. Incidentally, even ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’” Pratt said at the screening held at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York. The actor was confident that he had lived up to the character’s promise. “I know I did the character justice — more than that, I was able to be part of the Marvel family that helped bring a new version of this character to life. When people think of Star Lord, they’ll think of the way I played it and that makes me feel pretty good.”

Saldana, dressed in a roomy black dress, was open to remarking on one of her physical attributes: her character’s green hue in the film. “The payoff was so beautiful because I went through the physical transformation of it,” she said. “Green was definitely rewarding in the end — in the beginning it wasn’t so cool.”

Also at the screening were Seth Meyers, Salman Rushdie and Russell Simmons, who stopped Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson to take a selfie.

A late-arriving Diesel, who provided voice for one of the animated heroes of the film, a humanlike tree, was pulled away just as he was inching towards the press line. “Help me,” he mouthed back — echoing the same sentiment of the reporters abandoned by the star. “He’ll be back,” a publicist offered as the actor was dragged into the theater, where he gave a shout-out to his mom and dad in the audience and his character’s catchphrase, “I am Groot!”

After the screening, sponsored by the Cinema Society and Men’s Fitness, Platt and Pace headed over to the rooftop at Jimmy at the James Hotel, where they were joined by Amy Poehler and Oscar Isaac, who has a part in the upcoming “Star Wars” film. Presumably, Isaac picked up some intergalactic acting tips.

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