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Those who self-select as young, artsy, and in the mood to party headed to the Guggenheim in Manhattan Thursday night for the museum’s annual Young Collectors Council party.

The event, chaired by Nell Diamond, Sarah Arison, and Laura de Gunzburg and attended by the likes of Leandra Medine and Lindsay Ellingson, was sponsored for the third time by David Yurman. The jeweler’s passion for art was revealed during the presentation of his sculpture at The Park Avenue Armory last month. For those paying extra attention at the Guggenheim, they perhaps noticed the neon lighting throughout the atrium, done to evoke Yurman’s famed bracelet design — though there is a fair chance they were drawn instead to DJ MeLo-X, who was the most active participant on the dance floor throughout the night.

While the young folk of the contemporary art scene waited for the Collectors Council’s private dinner to wrap up, MeLo-X serenaded the crowd, who were dressed in “festive cocktail” attire ranging from gauzy Gucci to art-school vintage denim ensembles, with pulsating remixes of “Hotline Bling” and “Drunk in Love.”

“It is a party, and it’s fun, and there’s definitely fashion everywhere I turn, but most of the proceeds from tonight go to the acquisition fund,” said Carmen Hermo, an assistant curator at the museum who serves on the Young Collectors Council. “We have a meeting coming up in May. Twice a year we meet and the curators present the works we hope will be voted on for acquisition.”

“A lot of the works we’ve brought in have skyrocketed in terms of artist visibility,” added cochair Noreen Ahmad.

The committee, which defines youth as 21 to 40, is currently inspired by lots of conceptual photography and performance music artists, Hermo noted.

“The group is a good crowd,” she said. “They know how to party.”