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I just realized there’s really good lighting here,” said Helena Christensen, holding a compact mirror to her face. “I was gonna check before I go back out if I have any cheese between my teeth.” They say finding your light is key, don’t they?

The model was speaking from last night’s celebration of her and designer Camilla Staerk’s joint Pared eyewear collaboration. Held on the rooftop space of an office building in Manhattan, the small gathering drew close friends, among which were Sean Penn, Julianne Moore and Martha Hunt.

The Pared collection, out now, features a total of three styles and 11 offerings, all of which embody a vintage feel. Wearing one of the glasses on a long chain around her neck, Christensen shared that she and Staerk, her longtime friend and creative partner, complement each other’s style because, well, they’re complete opposites.

“I’m passionate about colors and Camilla’s always black,” Christensen said. “We found a common ground where I really admire her for the way she dresses and the colors she uses are subdued tones. She does the same with me, but I would never just wear black and she would never wear color, so it’s kinda cool that we can meet in the middle.”

Staerk and Christensen first met 18 years ago when Staerk was modeling for a Nylon magazine shoot at Christensen’s summer house. In 2015, they teamed with Danish design house Skagen on a three-piece jewelry collection. The line featured a ring, a bracelet and a pendant, all of which took on the shape of a swallow’s wings — imagery that appeared once again in their eyewear collection with Pared.

“It’s both a strong memory for us from our Danish childhoods,” explained Staerk of the swallow bird design. “I grew up in the countryside, Helena in the city, but the swallow bird and what it represents, the memory of it, the beauty of the silhouette when it’s flying low before the weather changes or through the streets, it’s a very strong thing for us.”

Of their decision to attach chains to the glasses, Christensen said, “I think it was more like older people would wear chains, but why? Old people are cool anyway and they know what the f-ck they’re doing, but make a beautiful chain that almost doubles as an accessory. And then you have your glasses and a beautiful accessory styled in a perfect way.”

All the better in which to find your light.