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Fashion plate extraordinaire and Vogue Nippon fashion director Anna Dello Russo was everywhere in the Open House Gallery space on Mulberry Street on Wednesday night. Her image was projected across the large whitewashed walls, her voice blasted through the speakers, her touch was on the clothes draped over the models and her name was slapped in hot pink across the street-facing window. Everywhere, that is, except actually there.

“Oh, no, she can’t make it,” a rep for Macy’s INC, the party’s benefactor, explained. Dello Russo served as editor at large for the label’s fall campaign. To be sure, its invite did not, on a second read, promise an appearance by the fashion fabulist. But it also was not entirely clear that Dello Russo would not be stopping by.

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“But on Fashion’s Night Out, she’ll be at Macy’s in Herald Square, signing autographs and posing for photos and everything.…She’s such a genius, and she doesn’t even know it!” The music crescendoed and a new series of videos of Dello Russo was blasted onto the wall.

“Well, maybe she does know it,” the INC rep sighed as, behind her, the two dimensional Dello Russo selected fabric swatches and nodded along to a thumping bass line.

Sky Ferreira looked demure behind the DJ booth, sporting straightened hair and relatively un-mussed clothing. Byrdie Bell arrived with Chelsea Leyland and Ben Pundole, greeting Genevieve Jones and Harley Viera-Newton in the mosh pit of revelers.

A chic Solange Knowles took a break from readying her most recent record for release and what she called “DJ-ing up a storm” to escort her 7-year-old son, Julez Smith, through the party.

“We’re moving to Brooklyn soon, from L.A.” Knowles said excitedly, though she already seemed to have her hands full with Julez, who was soon besieged by female fans. “Oh, he’s got an iPhone. His friend’s mom’s iPhone to play with.”

Knowles attempted to beckon her son with a curled index finger, to no avail. Julez buried his head in the skirt of a nearby June Ambrose.

“Oh, see? He’s in love with his friend’s mom,” Knowles said. “Here we go! Starting early!”

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