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Lauren Remington Platt, Lily Kwong and others feted Jamie Johnson’s fashion foray, Black Sweater, on Wednesday night.


Lauren Remington Platt was at the bar at Desmond’s on East 60th Street on Wednesday night wearing a form-fitting black sweater and explaining what it feels like to be a muse.


“I feel like me,” she said with a laugh. “The whole idea of being a muse is just to be me and he plays off me.”


The socialite and other guests including Lily Kwong, Phoebe Gubelmann and Chessy Wilson had assembled at the new restaurant to toast Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson’s fashion venture, Black Sweater, for which Platt serves as, yes, muse. Johnson had just presented the line at Bergdorf Goodman.


“She did a great job with that sweater,” he said a bit later. “I sent it to her and was like, ‘The burden’s on you to style this one.’ It looks amazing on her. I was super psyched.”


As if on cue, Platt sauntered over.


“Well there’s a lot of playful sparring that goes on between the two of us,” Johnson said with a smile. “I riff off you or you riff of me? That’s what we’re fighting on right here, for the record.”


“I was just saying how sexy you look in this, which you really do,” he continued.


“Thank you,” the muse replied.

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