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It seems these days everything Jessica Chastain touches turns to gold, but the Academy Award-nominated actress may have the same effect on people, as well. At least, the generalization could be made after looking at those who worked on “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby,” Chastain’s new film directed and written by one of her former roommates, Ned Benson, and costarring another, Jess Weixler.

Her involvement attracted The Weinstein Co., which means the indie drama of love and heartbreak will now likely have a wider audience than it might have before. What was originally released in two parts — “Her,” a version of the story told from the point of view of the female lead, and “Him,” told from the male’s — is now in one: a compressed two-hour version, “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them.”

At the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan Wednesday, Chastain lined up with her costar, James McAvoy, and Benson and Weixler for a Prada and Cinema Society-sponsored screening of the film. (McAvoy is the newest face of Prada.)

“Jessica is like my sister in real life, so this movie fell very close to heart,” said Weixler, who plays Chastain’s sister. The two women roomed together at the Juilliard School for four years.

Weixler favors the “Her” version, while Benson prefers his “original intention of the two-part objective: his side and her side.” But Chastain said it’s not that easy.

“It’s like choosing a favorite child,” she said dramatically. McAvoy disagreed with her, however.

“Any movie that has more of me in it is probably going to be better than one with lots of Jessica in it, so I’d say the one with more of me in it,” he said with a smirk. “And that is a serious answer.”

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